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KineMaster Pro is a full-featured video editor for Android devices. Allows you to edit video files, apply visual effects and color filters, interact with audio tracks and create three-dimensional objects directly in the videos. Able to record videos through the camera device and the sound - through a microphone.

It has many pre-installed functional tools - both fully or partially-automated, and for manual editing. Equipped with an integrated distribution of paid and free effects, audio files, stickers and other graphic elements connected via the KineMaster Asset Store. Can create videos without a watermark, subject to their subsequent export to YouTube for non-commercial use.

Functional KineMaster Pro

  • Imports the selected video or captures the video stream from the device camera, creates a storyboard storyboard in the interface;
  • Copies, splits, deletes, inverts, changes the bitrate and otherwise edits the selected fragment of the storyboard;
  • Changes the key, sampling frequency, speed, volume and other parameters of the selected audio tracks;
  • Superimposes video effects, sticks applications, changes color curves, creates three-dimensional objects and integrates other graphic elements into the video sequence;
  • Downloads the specified graphic elements from the KineMaster Asset Store distribution;
  • Saves the result of the work in the specified video format;
  • Shares the saved video on YouTube, Dropbox, Google+, Facebook and other services;
  • Automatically removes a watermark when exporting to YouTube with monetization turned off.

Video editor features

  • Support for importing any video using H.264 encoder (MP4, 3GP, MOV, etc.);
  • Support for importing audio tracks in .MP3, .M4A, .AAC and .WAV formats, as well as graphic files in the .JPEG, .WebP, .BMP, .PNG and .GIF formats (still image or first slide);
  • Dozens of pre-installed editing tools;
  • Hundreds of paid and free tools in the depository KineMaster Asset Store, with the ability to install in one click;
  • Synchronization with YouTube, Dropbox, Google+, Facebook and other video sharing services;
  • Relatively fast rendering.


  • Built-in advertising;
  • In the free version there is a watermark (it is removed when exporting to YouTube, with monetization of disconnections);
  • The inclusion of monetization after the publication of the video can lead to the issuance of a strike to the channel;
  • Paid features.

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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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