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AkelPad is not data-hungry, very comfortable and fast text editor. The editor can work with documents in both single-window editing mode and also in multi. Unicode support on the basis of Windows NT2000XP2003 operating systems and Unicode code files. Download AkelPad free now. The program can even edit the files which are protected from reading (with the "read-only") and can show their contents just before the ....
Date 2015-07-10 File Size 1.04 MB Download 205
Program Bluefish wil be great help in the work of programmers or web designers. It is a handy text editor. Its appearance resembles NotePad, but differs from it in interesting features. Program's performance is quite high. Bluefish can work flawlessly even when files 10,000 are open! This can be explained by the fact that the application is lightweight and doesn't load the memory. The application runs ..
Date 2015-04-10 File Size 4.27 MB Download 338
CodeLobster PHP Edition
CodeLobster PHP Edition is powerful enough and versatile editor of HTML, CSS, Java, PHP files that have built-in debugger and the analogue of FireBug inspector. Furthermore, you can download CodeLobster PHP Edition free from our website. This editor incorporates additional plugins that support work with MySQL, Smarty, WordPress, jQuery, Drupal, CodeIgniter, CakePhp, Symfony Facebook, and Joomla. Thanks to the built-in ..
Date 2014-11-18 File Size 18.93 MB Download 288
EditPad Lite
EditPad Lite is a worthy replacement for the usual NotePad, but with many extra features which the latter cannot boast. For designers, programmers and web developers, this environment is very comfortable. In EditPad Lite text editor there is support for all programming languages. When dialing code,the syntax ishighlighted by different colors, this feature is customizable. The program is very compact and lightweight, that's ....
Date 2015-06-02 File Size 9.06 MB Download 235
jEdit is very powerful text editor, specially designed for programmers and written in Java. It has syntax support of a wide variety of programming languages and text markup, and fully accessible source. At their discretion, jEdit users can connect multiple plugins, this is due to its interface, which is based on the interface of the Swing toolkit editor. Even very complex tasks can be easily resolved using ....
Date 2015-02-24 File Size 3.21 MB Download 266
Lazarus is a programming environment, used to write programs with open source. The program is based on the Free Pascal-compiler with IDE-add-ons which help you to generate applications on the cross-platform basis in Delphi-like environment. Lazarus is used to create different types of programs, such as console applications, dynamic upload libraries, GUI programs, and others.One of its advantages is that it is available ....
Date 2014-12-15 File Size 112.45 MB Download 281
MarkdownPad is a full-featured software for editing, which the developers and web-writers will especially enjoy. With MarkdownPad it is easy and fast to transform text files into HTML-format: convenient window of the interface enables a pleasant layout of materials of the traditional text format, then text can be immediately converted to HTML or XHTML with the correct structure. If necessary,in ....
Date 2014-09-23 File Size 32.11 MB Download 229
Notepad++ UPDATED
Notepad++ is a free source code editor. Download Notepad++ free from our site, where you can find the latest version.The application is an improved alternative to the usual "Notepad". A useful feature of the program is syntax highlighting of programming languages. The program has a strong functional capabilities for such text formatting language as C++. The application works very fast. Notepad++ is indispensable for ....
Date 2018-03-19 File Size 2.94 MB Download 310
PSPad is a very functional and flexible text editor. There is support for many programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Pascal, and many others. The program is free and has a great potential in working with text and code. First of all, the program is oriented toward the audience of PSPad programmers, the second - for those who want to have a rather powerful and "smart" text editor. Download PSPad from our website free and ..
Date 2014-10-23 File Size 4.46 MB Download 424
Python is the next version of a dynamic programming language, in which the emphasis placed on productivity and code readability. Minimalist syntax of core in Python is combined with excellent functionality of the standard library. Language, development of which began in the mid-90s by Guido Van Rossum, who is now one of the most popular in the world of programming. No wonder that Python is used in all areas of ....
Date 2015-05-26 File Size 23.39 MB Download 290
RJ TextEd
RJ TextEd is a text editor designed to work with the source code and unicode strings. Besides, those web developers who want to get an easy to use and functional tool can download RJ TextEd free. This program uses a variety of methods for syntax highlighting, has the words auto completion feature and tool tips that appear when editing the source code. RJ TextEd provides developers with the ability to ....
Date 2014-09-23 File Size 32.99 MB Download 257
TEA Text Editor is an easy and productive program with open source, which in virtue of its capability suites well as a tool for programmers and webmasters. Anyone can download TEA free from our site, and use all of its advantages. The application has a very clear and easy to use interface (GTK2). All the main functions are close at hand, providing the convenience and speed of solving problems. The application has all ....
Date 2014-09-22 File Size 5.85 MB Download 770
Text processing
Text processing 2013 is a program that includes special tools which are not commonly used in standard editors, very comfortable and suitable for working with volumetric databases. Text processing 2013 interface will be clear even to beginning users. Download Text processing 2013 free you can from our site. Text processing program 2013 significantly surpassed similar application in terms of information processing ....
Date 2014-06-08 File Size 31.9 KB Download 236
WinPad XP
WinPad XP is very powerful and easy to use text editor, equipped with many useful functions, necessary for the text editing. The main difference of the WinPad XP from other editors is the ability to switch between functions using tabs, which are located at Glan window. WinPad XP is designed to work with a simple text, with the emphasis still being placed on programming languages. The program works with five language ....
Date 2016-09-13 File Size 762.58 KB Download 253