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AkelPad is not data-hungry, very comfortable and fast text editor. The editor can work with documents in both single-window editing mode and also in multi. Unicode support on the basis of Windows NT2000XP2003 operating systems and Unicode code files. Download AkelPad free now. The program can even edit the files which are protected from reading (with the "read-only") and can show their contents just before the opening.


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In AkelPad there is also a multilevel events rollback technique, list of recently opened files, saving an encrypted table for the file and location of the "insert" sign in the final replace/ search string. The program supports printing and optional modules.




AkelPad program features:

  • Two modes: one-window and multi-window;
  • Unlimited size of the edited document;
  • Full support for Unicode files on Windows systems;
  • The ability to work with absolutely all code files and pages that are installed in the system;
  • The ability to work with Unix formats of newline with saving;
  • Full work under MS-DOS;
  • The ability to preview the document before opening;
  • Supports correct display of the graphics character;
  • Editing of the protected documents;
  • Notice of opening a binary file;
  • Very deep undo of the actions;
  • Search and replacement of text strings by hexadecimal code, as well as by escape-sequences;
  • Automatic saving of the document encoding;
  • Maintaining the position of the carriage in the document;
  • List of recent documents are open and editable;
  • Support for many different plugins;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Can be printed out.

Download AkelPad from our website using a direct link, without viewing the ads and wasting time.

Installation file data
Category Code Editors
Title AkelPad
Version 4.9.4
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 1.04 MB
Downloads 376
Price Free
Updated 2015-07-10

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AkelPad reviews

0 Adolf
Very comfortable text editor. Working with programming languages it is very easy to validate programm text, make changes.

2015-08-31 06:08

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0 Michel
This programm is very useful if you usually work with programming languages, for example, like HTML or XHTML. Comfortable for validation.

2015-08-23 03:31

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0 Laura
good program, interesting

2015-01-20 10:51

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