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2013 1.0
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Text processing 2013 is a program that includes special tools which are not commonly used in standard editors, very comfortable and suitable for working with volumetric databases. Text processing 2013 interface will be clear even to beginning users. Download Text processing 2013 free you can from our site.

Text processing program 2013 significantly surpassed similar application in terms of information processing speed. This is due to a very narrow specificity of the Text processing program.


Text processing 4


Key features and functions of Text processing program 2013:

  • Html, Sql and Txt formats are supported;
  • bility to delete lines longer than a predetermined value;
  • The ability to delete lines less than a predetermined value;
  • The ability to delete lines that contain a specified character (or set of characters);
  • Deleting all the lines which don't have a specified character (or set of characters);
  • The ability to sort the lines in alphabetical order;
  • The ability to sort lines rows in reverse order;
  • Sort lines in size, length;
  • Search data and the opportunity to replace the specified character (or a set of characters);
  • Changing the format of the data;
  • The ability to delete duplicate lines.


Text processing 3


Note that for this program to work correctly, you should have Microsoft.NET Framework installed on your PC. This program is specifically designed to work with large databases. The development of such programs has been hampered due to the large size, that's why the application doesn't have worthy alternative.

Download Text processing 2013 using the link provided below.

Installation file data
Category Code Editors
Title Text processing
Version 2013 1.0
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 31.9 KB
Downloads 398
Price Free
Updated 2014-06-08

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Text processing reviews

0 Adolf
This thing really can help for users who works with large datebases. Microsoft.NET edition needed for this, but install this PO you can easy and for free now.

2016-05-17 17:57

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