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Alaborn Istyle is a rich, powerful text and web editor which can be understood through insight. You can download Alaborn iStyle free, even if you are just starting to learn the websites development, familiarizing with this program will be an easy job for you. Even absolute beginners will be able to use it to create their own website within a very short time, using the built-in interface wizard, help systems, dictionaries and other tutorial materials. An exciting add-on of the editor's latest version is a new technology of instant help called "ABC".


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With each new version, the program gradually introduced with full support for HTML 5 tags - the latest version of the text markup language. Built-in "ABC" tell users what tags shouldn't be used because of their obsolescence as well as display a full list of new features of HTML 5.


Alaborn iStyle 2


Features and benefits of Alaborn iStyle editor:

  • comfortable and intuitive interface that doesn't require a Russifier;
  • extremely lightweight, requiring minimal use of system resources - the program is easy to run even on older or slow computers;
  • a huge amount of reference and teaching material on web coding, built right into the interface editor;
  • automatic masters which are able to perform the heaviest and meticulous work;
  • support for Wiki- tags and an extensive color palette.

This program is a must for any web-developer.

You can download Alaborn iStyle free in the latest version from our website.

Installation file data
Title Alaborn iStyle
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 9.48 MB
Downloads 472
Price Free
Updated 2015-02-24

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Alaborn iStyle reviews

0 Bob
The program is in Russian and all the menus are nothing but questions marks.
Can't use it because none of the menus tell you what they are.

2017-08-01 21:21

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