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Amaya is a web-editor, which includes a great tool for creating and editing complex documents directly on the Internet. Remote file management, editing, and viewing them - all these features are included in the software package of Amaya.


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The program is also a complete http-browser, with the ability to view web-pages. This corresponds not only to the environment for publications, but also to the original version of the Internet. Amaya development started in late 1996 with the help of W3C technology, the ultimate goal of the program was to combine all available network technologies into one. Amaya perfectly illustrates these technologies in action, using their combination in a same, permanent environment. The first steps of Amaya have been made in the function of a simple web-editor of Html markup language and CSS stylesheet. Today, the program has significantly expanded its capacity and support for Xml was added to a simple markup language, the number of such applications as MathMl, SVG and XHtml increased.


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Download Amaya free from our website and install it on your PC. All these applications can besimultaneously edited in Amaya. The program contains a large database (Resource Description Framework, XPointer and XLink) for the development of such applications. Amaya is freeware with an open source. The program is written in C programming language and is available for such platforms as MacOs, Unix and Windows. Download Amaya free using our site.

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Title Amaya
Version 11.4.7
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 13.88 MB
Downloads 464
Price Free
Updated 2014-06-08

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