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applictaion for easily drawing mathematical graphs
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Falco Graph is a convenient tool for drawing graphics. The program will be useful for students, using which it is easy to draw mathematical and geographical reciprocal spiral on the coordinate axes X and Y. The application is free, download the latest version of Falco Graph for free here.


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For creating a graphic, you must enter the numerical values of its parameters on the command line. The program displays a graph automatically. Quick operation of the program saves students' time. Working with the program, most of the time will be dedicated to solving problems, rather than charting. Thus, the process of learning is fast and fun. Falco Graph can create graphics in line with the introduction of such mathematical functions as sin, cos, etc. If you need to enter a constant, you need to write "AddConst ('Pi', Pi)" expression into a line. You can also enter complex cases with the indeterminate. Filled Graphs program allows you to fill the chart with the color, you just need to enter the required values in the line, and then choose the color of the graphic and the color to fill the space of values from the color table 


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You can also change the type of lines, selecting the desired style from the list. Such graphic can be saved to disk. The program provides maximizing in any part of the graph for a better view. Any action in the application can be canceled by using the Undo option, or a set of CTRL + Z keys. For the manipulation of the functions used in the program, use "Forward", "Back", "Stop" buttons.

Main features: 

  • You can download and record graphics;
  • Copying graphics;
  • the ability to print;
  • T-parameter (time) charting;
  • Shading.
  • The application does not require much system resources, for its work 4 MB of free hard disk space is enough. It is distributed for public use.

You can download Falco Graph for free from our website.

Installation file data
Category CAD Drawing
Title Falco Graph
Version 2.5
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 3.32 MB
Downloads 409
Price Free
Updated 2014-07-19

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