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GRPS is a powerful graphical editor that provides for the automation of the development process and production of design documentation for structural, electrical schematic diagrams and other schemes. The program complies with the existing drawing standard. The latest version of the application you can download from our website, you can download GRPS for free from this page.

The application is very convenient and simple to use. There is no need to draw diagrams on paper. For best performance with the application, there is a set of prompts that can be used while running it. The additional features of the application run in conversational operation. The program offers two libraries, the library of symbols and the library of fragments. Symbol library includes a set of non-standard characters, letters and numbers. The library of fragments is composed of fragments of resistors circuits, semiconductors, microminiature circuits that have been previously drawn. The user can make changes to the library.
The program can create hard copies of the design documentation. As a result, they can be printed on a matrix printer from such manufacturers as Epson, Hyundai, Robotron, Star and other.




Main functions and features of the application:

  • the program can draw lines of different types and different colors;
  • the opportunity to add different alphanumeric and special text characters to the drawing;
  • drawing different kinds of circles, arcs;
  • the possibility of adding ready graphics from the library to a circuit;
  • image can be scaled;
  • the ability to change the moving pitch of the marker;
  • moving the "window" of the screen in the scheme;
  • the ability to divide the scheme into parts and work separately with each of them: delete, rotate, translate, reproduce and transfer to another scheme;
  • the possibility of different actions on objects specified by the marker;
  • memorize a place marker on the chart, the ability to start work after closing the program with the marked places;
  • the ability to work simultaneously with multiple schemes;
  • selected scheme sections can be transferred to another scheme;
  • using macro command;
  • a hard copy - the ability to print the diagram on solid paper or tracing paper;
  • manual tracing of the scheme;
  • modification of the libraries.

The application interface is Russified. The program was originally created for DOS, but it is also fully functional on Windows. The application is free and has no restrictions for use. You can download GRPS from our web portal.

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Title GRPS
Version 5.4
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