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Photoshop has a free analogue and not only one. We would like to bring to your attention the free image and graphic editors. In addition, this category includes a variety of graphical utilities and software.

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Artweaver is a free bit-map graphics editor for the Microsoft Windows operating system, which was developed by Boris Erich. For the most part, this software is targeted both at amateur artists, and the professional artists working with such well-known commercial products as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter.As well as commercial programs mentioned earlier, ..
Date 2015-05-26 File Size 10.71 MB Download 662
Now, as professional computer graphics designers so beginning artists can experience the full capabilities of Blender, which is a powerful new free 3D-editor. The program has a full set of all functions for 3D-modeling, interactive computer games, drawing and detailed animations of various characters and objects. In addition to its versatility the main feature of this program is that's it's absolutely free. And this is a ....
Date 2015-12-28 File Size 47.24 MB Download 1,115
DiaCze is a free image editor with open source code, which main purpose is creating diagrams. DiaCze was created by Czech developers, but there are versions translated by English craftsmen. For the program there is a reference, which, unfortunately. The main window of the program (which can be scaled) looks like a squared notebook - it is divided into fields, which groups are, in addition, differentiated among ....
Date 2014-06-28 File Size 10.6 MB Download 312
GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP is a bitmap graphics editor, the main task is the creation and processing bitmap graphics. In addition, there is partial support for working with vector graphics. The project was founded in 1995 by two programmers as graduation thesis and is developed by a group of volunteers. You can always download the latest version of ..
Date 2017-06-13 File Size 87.42 MB Download 2,641
Hornil StylePix is a freeware application designed to make edits to image files (editing). The functionality of the applications is very wide and can compete with even the old ones, such as Photoshop and Paint.NET. Hornil StylePix free download is very easy, just use the link on our website. The program is easy to use and it doesn't take much time to get used to it. Hornil StylePix will be an indispensable tool if you ..
Date 2014-06-28 File Size 6.61 MB Download 549
The last update of IcoFX freeware lets you create and edit existing icons, cursors for the mouse, and also small images. This excellent software allows you to create logos for blogs and websites just in a few strokes. You can download IcoFX for free and use the program as a converter of graphic formats. The software supports most popular formats (GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.), the full list of which is presented on the ....
Date 2017-02-04 File Size 7 МB Download 614
Image Tuner is a free program designed for batch processing of images: renaming, converting and resizing. The program is surprisingly easy to manage, accompanied by interface after installation. Download Image Tuner for free for processing your images easily, just use the link on our website. This software may be useful for users, who spend much time working ....
Date 2017-05-22 File Size 2.4 MB Download 607
For design solutions in the world of vector graphics we represent the free software - Inkscape. This is a unique vector graphics editor. Exceptional feature of the application is the presence of open source for editing. The program has all CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator features and is not inferior to them in opportunities to work with vector graphics and functionality. Inkscape can handle images in svg-format. With ....
Date 2017-06-13 File Size 57.58 MB Download 604
Paint.NET is a free bitmap graphic editor of images, created with the help of .NET Framework for Windows. Despite the large number of features that are present only in the paid image editors, you can download the current version of Paint.NET from our website, as the program refers to the freeware software. The program was created in the spring of 2004 by graduate students as a project in computer science. By May 2006, ..
Date 2015-01-05 File Size 3.6 MB Download 398
PhotoFiltre is a unique application for retouching photos and images. The version of the application was recently updated. PhotoFiltre is the the simplicity of handling, it has a simple and intuitive interface. Those who are not familiar with PhotoShop, or for whom it is too complicated, can use PhotoFiltre as an excellent alternative to it. The program pane allows masterful work with filters and tools in a few ....
Date 2014-06-28 File Size 5.1 MB Download 889
In the world of computer graphics the new version of PhotoScape provides ample opportunities for creating and editing images, animation and printing the photos. The application has both free and paid versions. Download PhotoScape for free from our website. Receive a legal version of the program, its installation is simple, you can pick different languges. PhotoScape interface is simple and user-friendly. Files open in ..
Date 2014-10-24 Download 1,001
With this PhotoShow program you can create screensavers and video slideshow. Created slideshows can be accompanied by music, crossfades are formed by fine effects. To download PhotoShow for free, follow the appropriate link on our website. PhotoShow supports adding a large number of images, allows you to insert signatures and titles, use the special design in the form of topics, and much more. Ready slideshow can be saved as ..
Date 2016-07-25 File Size 63.84 MB Download 3,642
Editor XnRetro is a free, easy and small application, allowing you to instantly edit photos and images from making any necessary changes. With this program you can easily and quickly stylize photos under retro, add them a vintage effect or use other effects which help hide flaws of the images and will make them unique. You can download XnRetro free from our website and use the entire arsenal of the full-featured ....
Date 2016-09-16 File Size 21.79 MB Download 2,933
XnSketch is simple enough to use Qt GUI app, the main purpose of which is the artistic styling and retouching of digital images. It is also possible to download free XnSketch. This software is provided with an intuitive user interface, allowing any user to try the program with no special knowledge and skills. XnSketch has the support for a number of common artistic techniques by which it is possible to stylize digital ..
Date 2016-09-06 File Size 11.46 MB Download 1,087