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In this section we have collected the best browsers for surfing the net. If you are looking for a reliable, fast browser, consider the programs that are presented in this section. We turn your attention to the fact that all browsers are free and you can download them without registration and without sms.

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Avant Browser
Our portal offers you the latest free version of the Avant Browser software, which is built using MDI technologies. This is a free program is distinguished by high-speed operation and simple interface.With this browser, you can search for information on popular search engines, and also to remove the details of your stay in the network after work. In addition, to facilitate the handling of Web pages, the ....
Date 2015-07-18 File Size 155 B Download 454
Chromium HOT
The latest version of the free, cross-platform Chromium browser is now one of the most popular and sought after among the browsers, which developer is Google. Google is actively implementing its development into a custom network infrastructure, thereby promoting their positions.Externally application is similar to Google Chrome, but, its predecessor, it is distinct in functionality: Chromium is a faster and safer ....
Date 2015-09-14 File Size 86.31 MB Download 1,211
Comodo Dragon
Currently, Internet is considered to be the most popular medium for communication between people.With each passing day, the network is transmitting vast amounts of information from the private information to the bank credit card numbers, passwords and other credentials. Internet is evolving every day, but, nevertheless, hackers, thieves, phishers and other criminals develop with it.It is therefore better to use the ....
Date 2017-10-13 File Size 50.7 MB Download 366
CoolNovo HOT
CoolNovo free software is an advanced version of the popular Google Chrome browser.It was created by Canadian Maple Studio based on known Chromium project. Despite, some kind of similarity with known browser from Google, the distributive of the program is equipped with a range of functions thanks to which it compares favorably with its analogues.Here are some features CoolNovo: The ability to ....
Date 2014-06-05 File Size 38.65 MB Download 1,521
Coowon browser HOT
Coowon browser is based on Google Chrome and contains options for gamers. The program is designed for normal use of the Internet with the performance standard of user tasks, but it has a few features which simplify the process of going through browser games.If you are a compulsive gamer, then Coowon browser is the best choice for browser games. It is very easy to download Coowon browser free and install it on your PC, ....
Date 2015-01-06 File Size 36.34 MB Download 1,331
Firefox HOT
We'd like to bring to your attention the latest version of the free Firefox program, which has many useful features. The main advantages of the program are scalability and security, and Firefox is also fast and easy to use. You can download Firefox from our website.The browser has a modern and user-friendly interface, despite its simplicity and brevity. Due to the large number of extensions, the program gained new ..
Date 2018-02-14 File Size 33.66 MB Download 2,341
Google Chrome HOT
Perhaps, the most popular web browser, called Google Chrome, has a comprehensible, comfortable, uncluttered interface that includes a set of tools required. The latest version of the browser is stable in operation and, thus, has a number of functions necessary for practical use. In addition, it is an absolutely free program, adapted for all operating systems, which is cross-platform. You can download Google Chrome for free in order to ....
Date 2018-01-06 File Size 39.84 MB Download 3,355
Free GreenBrowser, presented on our site, is available for free download and requires no special skills to be installed.GreenBrowser (translated as "Green Observer") was released in 2003, powered by Microsoft Trident (Internet Explorer engine) and thus fully maintaining compatibility with it, is also equipped with additional functionality extensions and different capabilities. At this stage it is in active development ....
Date 2017-11-14 File Size 1.16 MB Download 278
bws_internet explorer.png
Internet Explorer
We bring to your attention the final version of Internet Explorer 11 – a popular browser from Microsoft. The main difference of the new innovative productis application's fast performance and protection against tracking. Simple search for information in the browser is redound to icons-accelerators, which are designed for easy use. The icons appear when you select text on the page, they offer an ....
Date 2015-01-04 File Size 1.98 MB Download 435
K-Meleon is a fast Internet browser based on the Gecko engine, from Mozilla manufacturer. The browser has a lot of settings, today it's becoming an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer. K-Meleon is free, open-source software, released under the GNU General Public License.On our website you have the opportunity to download K-Meleon for free, you can download the latest version. Features and ....
Date 2015-08-10 File Size 5.85 MB Download 402
Lunascape is unique in its own way browser that is capable of using any popular rendering engine, such as Gecko, Trident or WebKit, based on which such browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome were established. With this browser, any user can choose the most appropriate engine to use, and assign the required browser for opening a particular web page, which is very convenient for web designers, ....
Date 2015-09-14 File Size 16.5 MB Download 395
Maxthon is a modern web browser, the kit which includes all the necessary functions for the most convenient and safe operation. At the moment this Chinese browser combines two software kernels, in other words, Maxthon engine can operate as Trident, on the basis of which was created by a well-known browser like Internet Explorer and how the engine WebKit, on which basis were created such browsers as Google Chrome ....
Date 2017-11-07 File Size 1.44 MB Download 395
Midori is an "easy" application designed to navigate the World Wide Web, the so-called "browser". Among the features of the browser is user interface implemented with the help of GTK+ library functions and WebKit engine, which is involved to display web pages. If you wondered what lies beneath the exotic name of the browser, you can download Midori free from our site. Build for Win32 can be downloaded from the development ....
Date 2014-07-08 File Size 27.51 MB Download 347
Opera HOT
We are pleased to present you the latest version of Opera, which is available for free, and that you can download it for free.Opera — a web browser, which is very popular in the world. You can download Opera, as this program requires no keys, no license, no complicated setup steps. Among the main advantages of Opera, we can note the high download speed of information, maintained in Opera even with a bad ....
Date 2017-05-25 File Size 29.08 MB Download 1,666
The latest version of Safari browser, which lately continues to gain popularity, offers even more powerful capabilities for its users. Comfortable and stylish interface of the application, as well as useful tools and features will make surfing the Internet enjoyable and easy. Nowadays, several browsers from different companies are the leading ones on personal computers and laptops according to the number of ....
Date 2014-07-19 File Size 36.7 MB Download 375
SeaMonkey is an interesting name of a new project, the development of which has been and continues taking into account the good traditions of Mozilla Suite. Browser from Mozilla, which became classics, has a long history, over the years of which "fire fox" found a large number of loyal fans. If you like Mozilla traditions, you should download SeaMonkey from our website. SeaMonkey is a program that is a freeware and is ..
Date 2015-09-05 File Size 32.42 MB Download 330
We'd like to bring to your attention the latest version of stylish SlimBoat browser. New and simple browser works with the help of the WebKit technology, which allows it to quickly and accurately perform any operations. The browser opens instantly, and all opened pages also load much faster than in standard Internet Explorer. Various features and a nice interface of SlimBoat browser, allows you to quickly personalize ....
Date 2014-06-28 Download 282
SlimBrowser is a free application that uses the TPI for the implementation of the user interface, and Triden technologyt. The app's objective is to provide the user with a comfortable viewing of websites. Thus, SlimBrowser is a web browser, was designed as an Internet Explorer's add-on which in the beginning. SlimBrowser can be downloaded free from our website, just use the link to download. Here is a small review of ....
Date 2015-10-11 File Size 3.36 MB Download 319
SRWare Iron
SRWare Iron is a safe, convenient and fast internet browser with open source code, which is based on a source code of Chromium project.This browser has an interface and a large number of features that were "inherited" from Google Chrome. The only difference between this browser and its opponent is the policy regarding the relationship to security and privacy of users. From the perspective of the developers, the ....
Date 2015-06-02 File Size 40.07 MB Download 397
Tor Browser Bundle HOT
Tor Browser Bundle is a software package which will help you easily hide your real IP-address from the sites, changing it to another. This browser allows easily and quickly start using anonymous TOR networks without going into technical details. It is worth noting that you don't need to have any additional knowledge as the program is simple and clear like a regular browser. Download Tor Browser Bundle free from our website ....
Date 2015-06-03 File Size 32.69 MB Download 1,700
Torch Browser HOT
Torch Browser is an internet browser that works on Chromium engine, and is fully optimized for work with multimedia content.If you often use torrents, watch videos on such service as YouTube, and in social networks, then Torch Browser is right what you need!This browser incorporates integrated torrent client, as well as media - grabber, which gives you the opportunity to download music and videos from almost any ....
Date 2015-11-16 File Size 1.59 MB Download 1,283
Yandex.Browser UPDATED
We are pleased to introduce our users to the latest version of the free program Yandex.Browser.This browser was created in 2012 based on the Chromium with Blink engine. Its developers have announced the release of the first version at the Yet another Conference, and now all the benefits of new items are appreciated by almost 5% of users, for which it has become the main browser.In addition, users do ....
Date 2018-03-21 File Size 2.07 MB Download 848