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Tor Browser Bundle

free browser that helps keep the anonymity and protect your Internet connection from observation
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Tor Browser Bundle is a software package which will help you easily hide your real IP-address from the sites, changing it to another. This browser allows easily and quickly start using anonymous TOR networks without going into technical details. It is worth noting that you don't need to have any additional knowledge as the program is simple and clear like a regular browser. Download Tor Browser Bundle free from our website right now. 

Tor Browser Bundle


TOR technology is based on using of virtual tunnels which connect different computers throughout the world. Click to download Tor Browser Bundle free and get the functionality that includes several components, namely: 

  • TOR Vidalia with graphical user interface
  • A portable version of Mozilla FireFox, which is already fully configured and ready to work with TOR networks:
  • Includes installed and configured Torbutton addon
  • NoScript Program, which securely locks various scripts
  • HTTPS Everywhere extension, which forcefully activates HTTPS prokotol on all the sites which you visit.


Tor Browser Bundle 2


After installing Tor Browser Bundle you significantly increase your activity level of privacy on the Internet, and to the maximum - your IP-address will now be known only to you and your PC's transmitted traffic is securely encrypted, which completely eliminates the threat of interception. The program will be especially useful for those who for some reason don't have access to some sites (at work with blocked access).

We suggest you download the Tor Browser Bundle now from our site and enjoy surfing the Internet anonymously.

Installation file data
Category Browsers
Title Tor Browser Bundle
Version 4.5.1
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 32.69 MB
Downloads 1,806
Price Free
Updated 2015-06-03

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Tor Browser Bundle reviews

0 Lilu
This is a very slow browser. I do not advise to use it. It is better to choose a faster browsers. For example: OPERA, FIREFOX , Chromium

2015-03-30 09:23

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0 Nana
I like this program.Great potential.All advise.:)

2014-10-31 10:01

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0 Nataiya
Very interesting programmeson.I especially liked that you can use the blocked sites:;)

2014-10-31 09:45

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