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Dropbox is a program that helps the user to place the data on remote servers and share the links with the other users of the world wide web. Dropbox can be used to store information, publicate it in the shared access, synchronize, in the quality of a hosting for small-sized online projects. The program will be useful not only for beginners, but also for IT-developers. Download Dropbox free from our site.


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The main principle is data synchronization. Once installed on a user's PC, the folder «My Dropbox», created by the program, can be used for synchronization with the remote storage. Any change to the content of the above folder leads to a similar change on the application server. The fact that access to the storage is possible from any PC connected to the Internet, makes Dropbox extremely useful for critical information backup and easy file sharing with other users. Download Dropbox free from our site and you can start sharing files with friends and acquaintances now.



Key Benefits:

  • user doesn't need to interfere in synchronization process;
  • the ability to connect multiple PCs;
  • Support for all file types;
  • data on the server along with a local folder are updated;
  • Partial editing of the file doesn't lead to its transfer to the server, resulting in significant savings of time and bandwidth;
  • the history of editing files is stored in a local folder for 30 days;
  • service is highly secure due to the transfer of information encrypted using SSL channels and encrypted"cloud" storage;
  • «Public» folder for providing shared access to files;
  • the opportunity to provide shared folders to persons who are registered on the service under a different accounts;
  • manually or automatically adjustable speed of file transfer to the server or vice versa.

You can now download Dropbox for free to use it on your PC to get your hands on a convenient "cloud" storage.

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Category Cloud Storages
Title Dropbox
Version 3.12.5
Operating system Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux
License Free
Size 35.73 MB
Downloads 2,919
Price Free
Updated 2016-01-06

Dropbox reviews

0 Lola
I use this programm during 3 years. It'is the best file sharing. If compare it with other popular file sharing, files, that doesn't downloaded, removes from the system. Files in Dropbox are stored forever. Free disk space at the rate of 2 GB gives you big opportunities in your work and it increases if invite friends using your reflink. I' am impressed of this programm.

2015-08-26 04:01

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0 Molly
Very useful program. All my data is synchronized and I can see it on my PC and laptop. I have forgotten what does it mean "usb". Besides there is an opportunity to create not only your own folder but the public one.

2014-11-22 13:25

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