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Internet users look through mail, communicate in the networks, read the news and download files. This section presents the best free content downloaders in no way inferior to their paid counterparts.

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Altarsoft Downloader
Altarsoft Downloader is a small and easy to use program for downloadingboth various files as well as whole websites.Due to the existing functionality of the application. There is support for continuing download when connection is broken, after failure, or when you restart the application. The program also allows you to select the maximum number of downloads to be loaded at the same time and the number of connections to ....
Date 2015-05-23 Download 418
BitComet is not just a p2p client, but rather a powerful software solution for downloading torrent files and working with the eDonkey network. Moreover, BitComet is equipped with built-in browser, which provides a convenient retrieval of torrent files directly in the program.Another plus of BitComet program is a built-in video player - it's very convenient when downloading various video files (f.e. from YouTube), if ....
Date 2017-09-10 File Size 10.17 MB Download 425
bws_download master.png
Download Master
The latest version of Download Master is a powerful freeware download manager. The main features of this free program are high efficiency, user-friendly interface and effective solution to the main problems encountered during the file dowload from the World Wide Web.It has become more convenient to use it due to the integration with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox, Netscape Communicator, and other ....
Date 2017-06-12 File Size 6.49 MB Download 950
bws_free download manager.png
Free Download Manager
Latest version of Free Download Manager simplifies more the process of downloading files and data from the global network. The program is a tool for downloading data, providing optimal download speed and effective execution of tasks.Despite its simplicity, this program has a wide range of functions. In order to make downloading fast and easy, just download Free Download Manager, which is for free.The program ..
Date 2015-05-25 File Size 7.69 MB Download 574
bws_fresh download.png
Fresh Download
Fresh Download free program is a very convenient and fast download manager of files from the Internet. It provides the ability to safely download and multithreading function increases the speed of downloads. The application is free, doesn't contain advertising or spyware. On our website there is the latest version of the program, download Fresh Download for free now.Functions and features: support ....
Date 2014-06-05 File Size 2.05 MB Download 717
FSS Google Books Downloader HOT
FSS Google Books Downloader is a free and easy to use application that allows users to download e-books from Google Books Search. Also, this app allows you to access to e-books in such formats as: JPG, PNG or PDF.Once the book has been downloaded, it can be opened using the well-known Adobe Reader, or by any of theimage viewers, unless the book has been downloaded in the image-format.Through the use of ..
Date 2014-08-23 File Size 7.97 MB Download 2,981
GetGo Download Manager
GetGo Download Manager is software for Windows, designed for load control. Unlike other managers, using GetGo you can resume interrupted downloads from the suspended place and not from the beginning. Those who want to upload video and audio files from popular resources without any problems should download GetGo Download Manager free. With it, you can download video straight from Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, FaceBook, ....
Date 2014-07-20 Download 451
HTTrack is a utility for downloading complete websites to your hard drive in order to be able to view them offline. The application creates all directories of the website and can create its original structure. After website download, you can open it, as usual, in any browser and browse the contents, not from a remote server, but directly from the hard drive.HTTrack free software is available for download on our ....
Date 2017-11-11 File Size 4 MB Download 360
MediaGet HOT
MediaGet is one of the most famous torrent clients. This application is considered to be very popular, as it is used by over 80 million users worldwide.The application is absolutely free and incorporates a huge variety of functions. This application is available for users of the Windows operating system, as well as for Mac OS X.The most interesting feature of this application is searching for ....
Date 2015-12-31 File Size 465.53 KB Download 2,634
bws_orbit downloader.png
Orbit Downloader HOT
Orbit Downloader is a fairly young program - file download manager. This program loads multiple files using multithreading downloading mode. It is easily integrated into modern and popular browsers. We present the latest version of the free Orbit Downloader program. It has the ability to upload files even from file-sharing services. On our website any visitor can download Orbit Downloader. The developers of the ....
Date 2015-12-09 File Size 22.29 KB Download 2,008
We bring to your attention the latest version of Shareaza free program. Shareaza is a handy application for sharing files on P2P networks: BitTorrent, eDonkey2000, Gnutella, Gnutella2.With this application, it is possible to download files from file-sharing networks, and upload new ones into them, work with music collections and conveniently search for files in all four of the above-mentioned sharing services ....
Date 2015-01-05 File Size 10.87 MB Download 512
Shareman is a software product that combines P2P file-sharing client, download manager, chat, through which registered users can exchange messages within the program file directory. Special chat is represented by several multi-thematic rooms. You can download Shareman free directly from our website. The window for performing basic operations in Shareman is a special file directory, divided into thematic categories. ....
Date 2015-07-18 File Size 6.41 MB Download 419
USDownloader HOT
Despite the fact that thanks to the unlimited Internet got the opportunity to download a huge amount of information on a PC, this is not always easy and safe. In the pursuit of profit cyberlockers by all means try to sell premium accounts, strongly complicating the lives of those who want to download something for free. Captcha input, anticipation, inability to resume downloads, annoying ads: like it or not, you'll start thinking of ....
Date 2014-07-20 File Size 9.23 MB Download 18,430
We present to your attention the latest version of the VDownloader free program, which is a software that is used to save files from such popular video services as YouTube, MySpace, Yuvutupan, Google, DailyMotion. You can download fast from these and other similar video sharing without having to visit websites. This type of program allows you not only to monitor the information that is in the clipboard, but also detect the ....
Date 2014-06-28 File Size 607.34 KB Download 365
Web Dumper
This program will be useful for novice web programmers who want to explore the intricacies of programming and website structure, as well as in cases of problems with access to the Internet, for whatever reasons. In such cases, the irreplaceable program named Web Dumper will help, the latest version of which has already appeared in the public domain and is completely open for use. This application can be downloaded free from ....
Date 2014-07-20 File Size 3.2 Mb Download 395
Youtube Downloader HD HOT
Youtube Downloader HD program is designed for simple and convenient download of all kinds of content from Youtube. Free download of Youtube Downloader HD is possible on this page. Youtube Downloader HD is one of the best products that are designed to download various videos from the like-namedwebsite, which has high quality and high definition playback (HD). First, the program has a simple, intuitive and ....
Date 2016-08-08 File Size 4.5 MB Download 1,163
Zona HOT
Zona is a free program designed to download movies from the Internet via BitTorrent (torrent client). With Zona you can get access to a huge catalog of very high quality video content - movies, TV series. You can download Zona for free from our website, just use the appropriate link. Before you download each of the movies, you can see their description. After this, download can be accomplished in several ways. You can search ....
Date 2018-02-15 File Size 10.95 KB Download 43,382