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Altarsoft Downloader

freeware tool for downloading files and websites
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Altarsoft Downloader is a small and easy to use program for downloadingboth various files as well as whole websites.
Due to the existing functionality of the application. There is support for continuing download when connection is broken, after failure, or when you restart the application. The program also allows you to select the maximum number of downloads to be loaded at the same time and the number of connections to upload files.


Altarsoft Downloader 2


Files can be stored in different folders, partitioned (graphics, text, video, files, software, music).
When uploading files, the program displays statistics for each download, which specifies the file size, the volume of already received information, the amount of time that file is being uploaded and the time remaining until the end, and the status of the download and upload speed.

Free download of Altarsoft Downloader is available on our website.

In the catalog it is additionally specified how many files for download there are in the list, as well as how many have already been uploaded and partitioned.


Altarsoft Downloader


This software offers the possibility to download websites.

Tuning project , the application allows you to specify which files need to be downloaded , it can be both text and graphics, or all existing files.

It is possible to download pictures in multiple streams, but not more than 10 streams.

It is worth mentioning that the latest version of the program has been changed:

  • now links can be defined via the command line;
  • it is possible to customize and schedule files dowload;
  • it is possible to switch off the computer on a schedule;
  • corrections done, memory leaks fixed;
  • the ability to control the visibility of sections and logs is added.

You can download Altarsoft Downloader for free from our website right now.

Installation file data
Category Downloaders
Title Altarsoft Downloader
Version 1.51
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 0 B
Downloads 501
Price Free
Updated 2015-05-23

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Altarsoft Downloader reviews

0 Adolf
This programm is very useful. With it I can easy store my files and manage all processes with them. Also size of this programm is very small what is one of many plusses.

2015-08-02 04:46

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