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HTTrack is a utility for downloading complete websites to your hard drive in order to be able to view them offline. The application creates all directories of the website and can create its original structure. After website download, you can open it, as usual, in any browser and browse the contents, not from a remote server, but directly from the hard drive


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Бесплатная программа HTTrack доступна для загрузки на нашем веб-портале полезных программ. Вы можете скачать HTTrack бесплатно, на сайте представлена его последняя версия.

HTTrack free software is available for download on our web portal of useful programs. You can download free HTTrack, there is the latest version on the website.
HTTrack accommodates a help system. The program can restore broken connections, as well as update already downloaded files.
Features and functions of the program:

  • The program works on different operating systems: Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux and other Unix platforms;
  • includes 27 languages;
  • you can download the source codes of the program;
  • the application can be usedby several users;
  • prompt resumption of downloads after disconnection,
  • filtering files by file type, size, structure, location references;
  • the ability to set the download speed;
  • compression of gzip file;
  • support for proxy servers;
  • tag analysis, HTML parsing;
  • integrated DNS cache.


HTTrack 2


Here are listed the main features of the application. HTTrack has broad functionality and features. The program will be useful for web developers and beginning webmasters. The utility is small in size, just 3.67 MB. HTTrack is GPL licensed.
HTTrack can be downloaded now from our website.

Installation file data
Category Downloaders
Title HTTrack
Version 3.49-2
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 4 MB
Downloads 598
Price Free
Updated 2017-11-11

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