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is a multifunctional online instant messenger
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One of the most important needs of people is to communicate with each other.
The majority of this need is currently being implemented through the use of the Internet.
Of course, for this process of implementation, programmers develop a huge number of applications that provide the ability for users to keep in touch with each other.
Some programs are created to perform one function, for example to send messages or make calls, while other - to develop applications to provide users with more opportunities.
To this kind of applications we can subsume a universal client, developed by, which is called Agent.

This application has gained such immense popularity for a reason.
In fact, statistics show that every minute the application is used by about 3 million users.



So, in what is the popularity of this program rooted?
First of all, a friendly and intuitive interface.
The application window is somewhat is similar to the ICQ workspace, to which additional features were added.

Another thing that made this application so popular is a vast functionality of the program.
Here, each user has the opportunity to correspond via messages, make video calls, to send SMS- messages to the phone absolutely free of charge and follow up letters that arrive to the e-mail from

A significant advantage is that the application itself is absolutely free.
You can also download Agent for free from our website right now, so that you can immediately start using the program.
In order to start using the application, you will need an e-mail account on




Thanks to integration with existing social networks and blogs, the program allows you to push the boundaries of communication with users.

Now you can correspond via messages immediately after launching the program.
Thanks to the rich functionality, in course of time the application started gradually moving not only to stationary PCs, but also to such famous mobile device platforms like iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Android, Java, and Windows Mobile.

Developers also created a special version of the program that doesn't need to be installed, since it works right from your internet browser.
The application develops constantly, and therefore, users are advised to install the updates for this program, which come out four times a month.

The only drawback of this program is that its updates are not downloaded automatically.
The main advantages of this application include the following:

  • the program combines all the functions of a microblog, messenger, and ICQ;
  • it is possible to make calls and send free SMS-messages;
  • Agent can be installed not only on a personal computer, but also on a huge number of mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones or smart phones;
  • users can be connected from virtually anywhere provided there's 3G network or Wi-Fi;
  • application can run as a microblog, thereby maintaining broadcast messages up to 500 characters;
  • it is possible to exchange files of up to 4GB;
  • application has the support of conference mode, in other words, the person has the ability to communicate with multiple users at the same time;
  • application to determine its geographical location on the map;
  • there are many social integration. networks;
  • using this agent, you can also search by various parameters interlocutors;
  • there spam filter.

You can download Agent for free on our website.

Installation file data
Category Messengers
Title Agent
Version 10.0.20032
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 30 MB
Downloads 1,158
Price Free
Updated 2017-06-08

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