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powerful worldwide instant messager with high quality video calls
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Viber is a client that allows you to perform absolutely free instant messaging and voice calls across the globe.
To start using this application, you will need to connect your device to one of the Wi-Fi or 3G networks.
In order to register in the system, a client will ask you to enter your phone number, which, as a result will be your login as a customer. This procedure was invented, so that other users can easily find you in the database.


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Building your own contact list is not difficult. To do this, you only need to allow the application to access your phone book and wait until the program finds in the database all your friends who are also registered in the system.
Viber app also allows users to create a conference of 40 participants, and provides a high level and quality of sound. Viber has a fairly simple and very nice GUI.
On top of everything else, by means of the client, users can share videos, information about their location, as well as their photos.
You can download Viber for free from our website right now.


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Among the main features and functions of this application are the following:

  • the client enables users to search for all friends who are registered in the system quite simple and fast way;
  • it is possible to carry out the creation and administration of other users so-called "doodles";
  • the application is absolutely free and doesn't broadcast advertisements to users in the form of banners or other means;
  • the client is multi-platform, and has an audience of 200 million users from around the world;
  • there is a close integration with any operating system.

You can download Viber for free from our website.

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