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Most users prefer to listen to online radio, which are numerous in the network nowadays. Choose a free program for listening to online radio stations to your liking. We present the best of them.

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BooRadio is a program that lets you listen to the radio and watch TV channels through the Internet. You can listen to music and watch shows online absolutely for free. The application has a paid and free version. On our website there is an opportunity to download BooRadio for free. In addition, the website contains the latest version of the application. With this free software you can watch your favorite TV channels. ....
Date 2014-06-17 File Size 655 B Download 1,852
KLBPleer is a player for listening to audio files as well as radio stations. This application operates using bass.dll free library, thanks to which the application can be connected to audio devices, as well as play audio files and record the streaming from the Internet. This player also incorporates an arsenal of additional interesting features, namely: switching the station, if it is in non-serviceable ..
Date 2014-06-08 File Size 1.23 MB Download 557
On the Internet you can find a large variety of software designed to connect and listen to online radio stations. However, the program doesn't often deprive of one unpleasant drawback which is integrated advertising, and quite aggressive one. Maxuden Radio is an example of a pleasant outstanding software with a basic set of stations available for listening immediately after installation. It's not a problem to download Maxuden ..
Date 2016-03-20 File Size 5.6 MB Download 934
On our website there is the latest version of PCRADIO. This is one of the most popular players for listening to radio on the Internet. The player works fine not only at high speeds. Users with 3G, EDGE 2G internet, as well as satellite Internet (with accelerators globax, slonax) on anlim and surfing tariffs may also feel the charm of this program. If you download PC-RADIO for free, then you can listen to the radio, even at ....
Date 2017-06-24 File Size 116.52 KB Download 75,532
Screamer Radio is a free software for listening to Internet radio stations, working under the family of Windows operating systems. Streaming radio can be played in MP3, AAC, WMA or Ogg Vorbis formats. It is also possible to record the stream to a file and then listen, get ID3 tags from the broadcasting server. At user's will the information that tags carry, can be displayed during the current playback and recorded in ....
Date 2014-08-19 File Size 2.64 MB Download 2,071
SopCast is a peer technology, providing the ability to view video via the Internet. The whole principle of the system is very similar to the work of bit-torrent technology, when the transfer of information is decentralized. When watching TV or listening to Internet radio, you can also perform simultaneous broadcasting of this material on the Internet. In addition to listening to Internet radio and watching ..
Date 2015-01-05 File Size 6.51 MB Download 590
The updated version of Xstar Radio is a program in portable-version, which is designed for listening to online-radio stations. Today constantly updated and growing list of radio stations includes 2000 channels broadcasting streaming audio at 96-128 Kb / s. Xstar Radio comprises less number of stations than some competitors, but the program doesn't have dead links of radio channels, so the new version of Xstar ....
Date 2016-07-25 File Size 10.53 MB Download 1,486
However much you like your favorite tune, sooner or later it will start annoying you. And to listen to all tunes of your favorite music genre will take years or even decades, given the fact that the repertoire is constantly updated with new songs. YourFlavor Radio is a unique streaming radio which lets you listen to not just a single singer and similar compositions from the musical genre. You only have to specify what ..
Date 2015-02-20 File Size 14.26 MB Download 1,331