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On our website there is the latest version of PCRADIO. This is one of the most popular players for listening to radio on the Internet. The player works fine not only at high speeds. Users with 3G, EDGE 2G internet, as well as satellite Internet (with accelerators globax, slonax) on anlim and surfing tariffs may also feel the charm of this program. If you download PC-RADIO for free, then you can listen to the radio, even at low speed of the Internet. In this case the traffic is almost not consumed, and the sound quality is perfect. This was made possible thanks to the developers who used a special stream encoding.



When you start the program, it automatically connects to the server and receives all the necessary updates. In this case the list of radio stations in the playlist is updated. Now with the help of PC-RADIO you can listen to rock radio, club radio, retro, pop, jazz, classical, children's, humor, relax, etc. In this regard, channels are interactive, which means that any track from the base provided on the website, can be ordered on the air.




Also users who have downloaded PC-RADIO, can watch videos and play popular online games.
PC-RADIO interface is in different languges, cover is bright and intuitive. On the right, there are listed the most popular radio stations with a small description of playable tracks style. On the left - a short list of additional features. 

Features of the new version:

  • Bright appearance
  • The ability to record the streaming
  • The ability to work through a proxy server
  • Improved Favorites list
  • The ability to toggle streams quality
  • Off Timer

PCRADIO is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. Free download of PCRADIO is available right here.

Installation file data
Category Radio players
Version 5.0.2
Operating system Windows, Android, iOS
License Free
Size 116.52 KB
Downloads 63,260
Price Free
Updated 2017-06-24

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PC-RADIO reviews

0 Dekker
is there a linux download?

2017-07-19 07:48

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0 baskar
how to download the app ?

2017-05-10 11:40

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0 Michael
Press on green "Start Download" button.

2017-05-10 11:43

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+1 Uthilas
Hmm i can't hear anything on windows 8.1 :sad:

2016-11-24 20:07

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Sergio Marcellos
+4 Sergio Marcellos
lightweight application, extremely easy to use and very functional! I recommend.

2016-09-05 14:25

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0 hassan
very good

2016-08-14 05:27

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+5 Limerer
Really nice prog. Listen to the radio all the time and have tried to find a good one for a while and finally . Nice work):)

2015-09-13 08:03

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Iliya Lakers
+4 Iliya Lakers
Useful programme, which can play radio on your personal computer. Always use it, when I want to listen the music.

2015-07-25 06:33

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+3 John
Thanks guys for this cool program. It works perfectly. Indeed, the consumption of traffic is low but the sound is perfect. Any compatibility problems with Windows XP.

2015-07-06 23:52

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0 Vincent
[code type="xml"]I am looking for upgrading my Windows 8.1. May be anybody knows does this program work under Windows 10?
No, sory man, he don`t work on Windows 10. But he work on 7/XP.

2015-04-02 09:45

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+1 Vincent
Oh. Cool! Best regards, very simple and quality radio player. Download he to my mamy.;)

2015-04-02 09:38

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0 Tony
I am looking for upgrading my Windows 8.1. May be anybody knows does this program work under Windows 10?

2015-03-31 09:35

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+2 Julia
Really useful and free program. Works perfectly even if you have a low Internet speed, efficient traffic. Easy to install, easy to use.

2015-03-21 09:13

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