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Remote Access

You want to login to a remote computer? There are special programs. We encourage you to use the best free programs for remote access provided for download in this section.

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Hamachi is a specialized software, using which you can create your own segment of multiple computers with virtually all the features a traditional LAN. With Hamachi you can easily build your VPN. Download Hamachi free at any time. Almost any program that supports LAN connection, with the same success can work in networks Which are based on Hamachi. Hamachi allows you to protect data, transmitted from computer to ....
Date 2015-07-18 File Size 8.14 MB Download 766
LiteManager Free is a program that is designed for remote access to a computer in order to manage and administer.You will find the latest version of this program on our web portal of free apps where you can download LiteManager Free for free and without restrictions. The program can perform complex administrative tasks, thereby reducing the time of their execution. Features of the application: ....
Date 2014-06-17 File Size 11.38 MB Download 422
LogMeIn app will be useful for users who need to remotely access their computer from any location via the Internet. The application can even work with Pocket PC, while it can remotely control computers, which are at home or in the office. The program is available for free download, you can download LogMeIn for free on our website. The application allows remote control of the computer, it can be used to control the ....
Date 2017-05-22 File Size 15.83 MB Download 464

PeerBlock – it’s a free application that allows you to monitor all network connections of your computer with other computers and servers on the Internet.

Date 2015-06-15 File Size 2.26 MB Download 470
TeamViewer free software is an application that allows to get remote access to control any computer via the Internet. The access is provided through the work of the two programs on two different computers. This is pair work. To gain access to another computer, you don't need to know its IP-address. The work of the program is able to bypass firewall and NAT proxy. A new version of TeamViewer can be downloaded free of charge ....
Date 2015-04-22 File Size 6.97 MB Download 426
TightVNC is a system for remote access to other computers, with the possibility of a simple and intuitive control, using the keyboard and mouse. The connection is made either through the browser or through a client program that uses the built-in web-server. TightVNC program has a very efficient optimization algorithm that enables you to work on a slow flow of communication. Apart from optimized bandwidth, the program ....
Date 2014-06-17 Download 435
UltraVNC is a very unique, easy to use and free software which can help you remotely control anyPC via the internet channel or simply through the network. After downloading free UltraVNC, you get the opportunity to observe the screen of some other machine on your monitor. The program helps you easy use your equipment to control the remote PC. This means you can perform operations on it, as if you are right in front of it, ....
Date 2016-12-04 File Size 3.13 MB Download 474