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this tool allows you to control your computer's network connections on the Internet
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PeerBlock – it’s a free application that allows you to monitor all network connections of your computer with other computers and servers on the Internet.

By selecting appropriate lists of known "bad" computers, you can block communication with advertising or spyware servers; computers that monitor to your p2p-activity; computers that have been compromised.

Thus, these network devices can not get access to your computer, and your computer also will not try to send those data.




PeerBlock Features

  • List of authorized ports: Port Allow List;
  • A message explaining the procedure for updating the lists during the first update;
  • Free weekly update lists;
  • Subscription Settings I-Blocklist;
  • The individual sections of the program settings: "Settings 1" and "Settings 2";
  • Reboot the previously downloaded list when disconnecting - switch on.

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As the name implies PeerBlock, is an application that prevents network access to a computer using unprotected devices (web server, other PCs), posted on the Internet, in order to protect your sensitive data. The application can be easily customized to perform their functions.

After installation, you can use the configuration wizard to specify which types of resources you want to block. These may be organizations that monitor the use of peer to peer networks (P2P), adware and spyware server, Internet resources of educational institutions.




In addition, you can import or create custom lists, and always allow a computer to connect through port 80 and 443 (HTTP protocol), even when network sources are blacklisted. At the last stage settings, you can enable the checking for updates (application PeerBlock, lists, or both) on a regular basis (for example, daily, weekly).

The main window shows the time, range, the source, destination and Protocol for each connection. Enabling and disabling PeerBlock can be done with a simple click of a button (Disable/Enable).

In addition, you can view the connection log or clear a log file. Configure the settings of the log dialog, history and notifications; enable application auto launch at system startup and specify the behavior in the notification area.

Download PeerBlock for free using link on this page.

Installation file data
Category Remote Access
Title Peerblock
Version 1.2
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 2.26 MB
Downloads 460
Price Free
Updated 2015-06-15

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Harry Hoover
0 Harry Hoover
I can't set program to work well. It blocking all my connections in the internet. Sorry, but this specific software is not for me...

2015-08-26 03:22

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