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We are collected the best, freeware and fast torrent clients, which helps you to upload large files and share any files using BitTorrent protocol. You can download free torrent programs from this category to suit your requirements and preferences.

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Torrent Stream is a software package, providing video and audio playback of files directly from Bittorrent network from popular torrent trackers without downloading. Now to get access to the most famous canals, it is enough to just download free Torrent Stream. The program includes: TS Engine is a base platform, the main function of which is to manage the flow of data and their combination into a ....
Date 2015-02-24 File Size 56.05 MB Download 808
The latest version of the free BitTorrent program, related to peer networks, allowing users, as before, to exchange files of different sizes of the same name by the network.Concept of peer protocol (P2P) appeared in April 2001, thanks to the work of Bram Cohen. And in July of the same year, Cohen launched the first torrent-client «BitTorrent», which can be downloaded for free from our website at the link below. Other ....
Date 2015-12-31 File Size 1.6 MB Download 1,445
The latest version of Halite helps greatly facilitate the work of the peering kind of the network, called BitTorrent. Currently, this version is not yet able to compete with programs like uTorrent or Azureus. However, you can download Halite for free because of its simple functionality. The program allows even beginning PC users to learn the basics of files' easy download. The version is based on the components of open type, ....
Date 2018-05-10 File Size 4.17 MB Download 286
Meet the latest version of qBittorrent. In order to quickly download movies, files and other documents, or to perform seeding, you can use this client which can be installed on any computer running windows in a few minutes. QBittorrent program is a convenient and powerful torrent client of file-sharing network. Despite the simple and intuitive interface, the program has a number of necessary functions. The program has ..
Date 2016-01-06 File Size 11.31 MB Download 436
Vuze (formerly Azureus)is a file sharing client using the bittorrent protocol with a large number of useful features. Vuze client supports multi-download, queue and priorities, seeding process has start and resume options, a large amount of useful information on downloadable torrents is provided. Start enjoying the benefits of BitTorrent-networks, just download Vuze free from our site. The main feature of Vuze is ....
Date 2015-07-10 File Size 9.61 MB Download 405
μTorrent (microtorrent) is probably the best app for downloading movies, music and other weighty files, which are widely spread throughout the world. The application works on the Bittorrent protocol. The latest version of μTorrent has a size of 1 MB. It is simple and easy-to-understandwhile being installed. All this allows you to download and install μTorrent in a few seconds. The program operates using a minimal amount ....
Date 2015-12-31 File Size 1.59 MB Download 1,678