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DarkWave Studio

a freeware digital audio workstation
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DarkWave Studio is a modular virtual studio, the main purpose of which is to create electronic music.
With this application, you can easily use not only existing VST effects, but also audio machines that allow you to create truly new and exciting music.
DarkWave Studio gives you the ability to carry out the connection of audio machines using virtual cables.
This application is available for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows operating system.


DarkWave Studio 4


By default DarkWave can be used on x86, and on x64 versions of Windows operating system with simple binary files, suitable for any platform.
You can download DarkWave Studio for free on our website.
The application is composed of the following main parts:

  • Studio (allows you to work with audio machines);
  • Pattern Editor (allows you to create music samples);
  • Sequencer (provides the opportunity of music samples arrangement in a ready-made track);
  • Multi-track Hard Disk Recorder (allows multi-track recording on the hard disk or on other media for further processing).


DarkWave Studio


DarkWave includes the following plugins:

  • MIDI Input (MIDI keyboard for playing software instruments which are already built-in);
  • ES AntiAlias ​​(a 32x digital oversampler);
  • ES SpatialVerb (a reverberator that has the capability of modeling the sound in different rooms);
  • ES Stomp (a generator of rave kicks);
  • ES BassHead (subtractive virtual analog synthesizer);
  • ES DGenR8 (a virtual analog drum machine);
  • ES QuadDelay (allows you to create an echo or choir effect);
  • ES Mixer (is 8 -track mixer with 2 extra tracks).

You can download DarkWave Studio free on our website right now.


Installation file data
Category Audio Editors
Title DarkWave Studio
Version 4.3.0
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 2.46 MB
Downloads 568
Price Free
Updated 2014-07-06

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DarkWave Studio reviews

Useful programme, which can play on your personal computer with different bits !!!Always use it, when I want to listen the music.thanks for this cool program , im very glad

2016-02-15 19:05

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