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KRISTAL Audio Engine

powerful multi-track recorder
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KRISTAL Audio Engine is a powerful multitrack recorder of audio files, as well as mixer. The program has a great set of tools for editing and recording audio files in digital format. KRISTAL Audio Engine is a free program. On our portal its latest version is presented. You can download KRISTAL Audio Engine for free here. The program works as a modular system. Other parts of the program are loaded as plugins.


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Main features of the application:

  • possibility of processing 16 -bit , 24 -bit , 32 -bit audio-files;
  • Parametric equalizer consists of three bands;
  • 2 input VST slots per channel;
  • 3 VSN slots for editing and adding effects;
  • You can save and later download KRISTAL objects;
  • supports such formats: OGG Vorbis, WAVE, FLAC, AIFF;
  • the possibility of establishing special plug-ins - Kristalizer, KristalReverb, KristalChorus, KristalMultiDelay;
  • the possibility of multithreaded recording through ASIO / MME;
  • ASIO monitoring;
  • the ability to process audio clips;
  • the ability to add fade effect, enhancement effect and cross fade;
  • You can record history;
  • repeat or cancel the action;
  • the ability to export AES31;
  • the ability to connect a microphone, a guitar;
  • option of playback in real time while using VST effects.


KRISTAL Audio Engine


On our website we offer the program for wide distribution and unrestricted use. Here you can download KRISTAL Audio Engine for free using the link below.

Installation file data
Category Audio Editors
Title KRISTAL Audio Engine
Version 1.0.1
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 0 B
Downloads 536
Price Free
Updated 2014-09-22

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