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Media Library is an application designed to streamline and integrate all media stored on your computer in catalogs: music, movies, images. If you do not want to create multiple folders and directories for your collection, use media library freeware! It has a friendly interface, which is great to work with and through it you'll be able to make up your electronic catalogs with audio and video files.


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What can Media Library do?

  • Creating directories and subdirectories for different categories of files and combining them according to the format. These files can be both video and audio tracks, as well as common printed books and magazines.
  • Both single files or entire folders can be streamlined in collections.
  • Each file, placed in a collection or directory, is provided with the necessary information stored in the tag, for example, duration, recording quality, name, etc.
  • You can sort your directories as you like: name, artist, album and other data.
  • When adding a file to the directory or updating the collection, automatic numbering of the entire contents is performed.
  • Convenient system of editing files: You can change the selected file or several at once using the mode "multireditor". 

With all the variety of functions, Media Library is free, and while downloading it you don't need to register on any websites.

Download Media Library from our online portal right now and tidy the contents of your hard drives!

Installation file data
Category Cataloguers
Title Media Library
Version 1.9.2
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 3.52 MB
Downloads 277
Price Free
Updated 2014-08-31

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