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tool that automatically finds and downloads series of your favorite TV shows
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What does not allow us to view multiple series or anime?
The thing is that the main problem is that we have to follow the premiere of the new series, to remember which was the last series we viewed or which series we dowloaded, and of course most important is not forget about the series itself.

More than likely, you are familiar with this situation.
If you like to watch TV shows, then SerialDetector application is for you.



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This program gives you the opportunity to collect a series in a separate list and watch for new episodes on multiple trackers, as well as find the number of the episodes which will be in the series. It is possible to track certain seedings or a few seedings simulatneously and use general search.

On top of everything else, the application can automatically enregister which series you have already viewed or quickly find already downloaded files that relate to your series.

Up to date, SerialDetector supports 7 basic trackers that are popular with users, these include: kinozal, rutor, rutracker, lostfilm, tfile, anidub and nnm-club.


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Download SerialDetector for free from our website .

  • The program also has additional features, which include:
  • The option of new series auto-download;
  • The opportunity of following not only the series coming out, but the software;
  • The application can mark previously watched series at;
  • Does not require installation;
  • Program update can be adjusted over time;
  • The application can take cookies for 2 trackers from Internet Explorer, in other words, you won't have to enter a username and password;
  • SerialDetector can download subtitles into your player from folders, located next to the video file.

You can download SerialDetector for free from our website right now.


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