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For comfortable viewing of movies and music, your computer requires special codecs. In this category you can download popular multimedia codec packages.

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Advanced Codecs for Windows 7 and 8
Codecs for audio and video content intended for use in environments of modern Windows 7, 8 OS. The package allows automatic installation of basic codecs and decoders. Download Advanced Codecs for Windows 7 and 8 free from our site easily, just use the boot URL. Standard codec packs often contain codecs which are seldom or hardly ever used by users. During the installation of the considered pack, the codecs installed ....
Date 2015-04-29 File Size 18.88 KB Download 220
Combined Community Codec Pack
Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) is a collection of the most essential codecs to play audio and video in one package. In addition to the pack you get Media Player Classic - HomeCinema. This package will be very useful for those who uses rare or edited videofiles, since it is able to resolve any problems with subtitles and little-known formats, but its main focus is playing mpeg4 and formats compatible with it. ....
Date 2015-01-03 File Size 9.94 MB Download 537
DivX is the most popular and high-demand package of audio and video codecs, not only in Russia but also abroad. Thanks to it, on the computer and in the browser, files of most popular formats are played (DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV withthe option of DivX To Go). Therewith,the quality of files processed by DivX files isn't much lost, but the size is greatly reduced. This feature has become fundamental when choosing this codec at ....
Date 2017-10-28 File Size 63.4 MB Download 341
K-Lite Codec Pack
K-Lite Codec Pack is a package of codecs and tools which are designed to work with audio and video files. The program includes a large number of free codecs and utilities. On our site you can download K-Lite Codec Pack latest version. The program is available in several versions: Basic, Standard, Full, Mega. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems, as well as Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows.Various versions ..
Date 2017-06-24 File Size 29.84 MB Download 998
K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool
If the K-Lite Codec installs various codecs on your PC, then this program is required to help you to configure codecs or filters, installed on your PC. Also, using the K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool, you can eliminate problems, occuring while working with codecs and filters. One of the main advantages of this tool is that it can solve problems in the codec, thus restoring their default settings. Other features of the ..
Date 2015-05-24 File Size 912.42 KB Download 189
Satsuki Decoder Pack
Satsuki Decoder Pack is a great collection of filters and decoders, which includes many different audio and video components. All components are independent and do not come into conflict with each other. Program manufacturers report that the package is designed to give the user the largest possible set of features for comfortable viewing of video and audio. Satsuki Decoder Pack program supports all popular audio and video ....
Date 2014-06-09 File Size 20.12 MB Download 252
Standard Codecs for Windows 7 and 8
The long inscription in the title is the name of a free collection of codecs for "latest thing" from Microsoft Windows 8. Earlier the package was simply called Windows 8 Codecs and was familiar to a large number of users, thanks to its previous versions for earlier Windows 7 and Windows Vista (for the first one it was called Windows 7 Codecs, for the second - Vista Codec Package). If you have already used previous versions and interested in ....
Date 2016-06-30 File Size 40.23 MB Download 266
Windows 7 Codecs Package
We offer you a free download of Windows 7 Codecs Package - the latest version of the codec pack. Thanks to this package, it is possible to play various video files of various formats, regardless of the player you are using. Work is limited only by the capabilities and functionality of your player. When installing do not add any extraneous applications. Windows 7 Codecs Package has the following features and ....
Date 2016-07-25 File Size 21.26 MB Download 501
Windows Essentials Codec Pack
We'd like to bring to your attention the product (abbreviated WECP) which is an entire collection of most relevant and utilized today Audio and Video DirectShow codecs and filters. For free download of Windows Essentials Codec Pack, simply click the link on our website.  This codec pack will help the user easily playback with high quality almost any media files which can be downloaded from the Internet. This means if the ....
Date 2014-07-30 File Size 652.95 KB Download 154
X Codec Pack
X Codec Pack, previously distributed under the name of XP Codec Pack, is one of the "packaged" codec packs, designed to decode media files and work with them. Download free X Codec Pack for decoding to your PC directly from our site. The pack is equipped with the following products: The actual collection of codecs; The Codec Detective app (lists all installed codecs with detailed information ....
Date 2016-10-30 File Size 14.54 MB Download 458
Xvid is one of four major codecs for video compression. You can playback converted fileson domestic media players, supporting Mpeg4-format. Xvid is based on previously available for encoding DivX codec. Unlike the latter, this codec can be downloaded and programmed to fit your needs for free. The program is used mainly on the platforms of the various versions of Windows, but thanks to the open source code, it can be used in ....
Date 2016-09-02 File Size 10.74 MB Download 447