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Format Factory
multifunctional video, audio and image convertor
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We offer Format Factory - the latest version of free video and audio converter to your attention. This program has a pleasant interface and sufficiently extensive functionality.
Format Factory converter you can download for free on the Internet without difficulties because, as already mentioned, the program is freeware. But its capabilities are not inferior to modern commercial software products.


Format Factory 1


With this converter, you can convert audio, video and image files to the following known formats: mp3, wma, ogg, wav, mp4, avi, mpg, wmv, 3gp, swf, jpg, png, gif, bmp, ico and many other.
If we consider its features and benefits, then on the first place we would like to note the following:

  • merging of audio and video files into one file;
  • fast operation speed;
  • high quality of converted files;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • multilingual.


Format Factory 2


But there is one big minus. The program requires all the relevant codecs to successfully start and finish converting to all possible formats. Most of the settings of the program are better to leave at default. The only thing to be changed is the directory in which the resulting files will be placed after the conversion process. This is done on the very first tab of the program settings.

Working with this program is not difficult in any way.

And so, if you are interested in the above product, you can download Format Factory for free from our website right now.

Installation file data
Category Converters
Title Format Factory
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 176 B
Downloads 1,632
Price Free
Updated 2017-06-13

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Format Factory reviews

Reeda Manda
0 Reeda Manda
Nice App, thanks for the sharing. But there is a little problem when converting a video to mp4 it doesn’t keep the audio. Any thoughts on what else I could check to fix this. I used to convert video with Acethinker Video Converter, never had that problem.

2017-05-18 09:27

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0 Diego
Very good application for converting audio and video files (big choice of formats). With high quaity. Easy for working.

2017-05-14 16:37

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0 nickolaj
I often use this program "Format Factor" to convert video files with the extension "MKV" to the files with the extension "AVI", since I have an very old DVD player and it does not work with files "MKV".

2014-09-28 20:00

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