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Aire Freshener is a great app for relaxation. Its main function is playback of various background sounds: rain, wind, birds singing, grasshoppers chirping, waves ripple and many other. The latest version - Aire Freshener 2.0 was released on April 5, 2000.- freeware. Sound generator is used as the background while working or on vacation.


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The features of the application include:

  • Rich choice of sounds to your taste - from nature to rock-concert
  • High-quality stereo-noise and the ability to connect additional plug-ins and libraries
  • Planner, ready to start playing in a specially scheduled time
  • Quotations list is integrated in the application (so far only in English. There is Russifier for the program)
  • Supports styling. You can select the default skin or Mac OS skin-style.
  • The ability to minimize the program to the system tray in one click 


Aire Freshener 2


The software runs on Windows operating systems on versions from 98 to 7. Its namemeans "air freshener" when translated. Pluses of Aire Freshener - muting of background noise that helps to concentrate, or vice versa, to relax on the couch, a large variety of sounds, small file size - about 12 megabytes, the possibility of free downloading.

You can download Aire Freshener from our website right now, using the direct link. Start relaxing under the appeasing sounds and make use of the beauty of this program!

Installation file data
Category Players
Title Aire Freshener
Version 2.0
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 13.3 MB
Downloads 743
Price Free
Updated 2014-08-30

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