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Foobar2000 is a free audio player with high performance, broad functionality for working with metadata, high-fidelity sound reproduction and extensibility. This article will describe current version of the program.

There are official components of the program, as well as third-party design with enhanced functionality.


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  • The program is designed only for the family of Windows operating systems and has only English interface;
  • only unmodified copies of the program installer are allowed to be freely distributed;

Foobar2000 main features in the standard version:

  • Before playing the audio noise forming and dithering is carried out.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • The possibility of expanding the program functional by third-party developers.
  • ReplayGain method allows you to equalize the volume.
  • Copying of audio CDs.
  • Bulk editing of metadata.
  • Effective work with large playlists.
  • Displaying of information about the files, advanced file processing.
  • Support for music library.
  • A large number of playlists displaying options.
  • Support for Last.fmskrobbler.
  • With ABX-testing function, the sound quality of different file formats can be adequately estimated.
  • Working with audio streams.
  • Free software, it is free to download foobar2000.
  • Recoding of supported audio formats (requires external encoders).
  • Ability to customize the appearance of the interface to your taste.
  • Playing music and reading metadata from files that are packed in archives (files are extracted into temporary files).
  • Embedded masstager.


Foobar2000 2


Additional features in the official copyright plugins:

  • Function of output directly to the sound card.
  • Direct output to the soundcard through ASIO 2.0
  • Output via the Windows Audio Session (in Windows Vista SP1 and above).

You can download foobar2000 for free right now from our website.

Installation file data
Category Players
Title Foobar2000
Version 1.3.15
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 3.78 MB
Downloads 564
Price Free
Updated 2017-06-12

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0 denis1542
Using foobar with asio output since i ordered my audigy 4 sound card.

2015-08-10 22:44

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