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It happens quite often when you need to record video from the screen. For example you need to write a series of lessons, to show how to pass a game to a friend, to explain to someone how to configure the system. In this category there are free programs for recording video from the monitor screen.

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Free app AutoScreenRecorder is a great tool for photo and video capture of the screen. It allows you to easily take screenshots of the monitor and to video user's actions. You can download AutoScreenRecorder for free from our website. The feature set of AutoScreenRecorder is not limited by screenshots, which is understandable, because this function is manifested by a single PrintScreen keystroke. ....
Date 2016-10-30 File Size 6.71 MB Download 531
CamStudio is a completely free program that lets you to record everything that happens on the screen in real time. It saves the clip in AVI or SWF video formats, along with audio. Great for creating a variety of video tutorials on the description of one or the other software program, and for creating video presentations. In CamStudio you can select an area of the screen that will be recorded, show or hide the cursor ....
Date 2015-04-01 File Size 902.68 KB Download 551
Free Screen Video Recorder
Free Screen Video Recorder is a compact and full-featured tool for making a video from the PC screen or creating screen shots.With this application, the user gets an opportunity to capture any action performed on his PC.Doing a screenshot from the display, it is possible to choose between saving the image and placing it on the clipboard, as well as to print out the snapshot without leaving the ....
Date 2017-10-31 File Size 27.97 MB Download 459
Screen2Avi is a small freeware program that allows you to make video from the monitor screen. Through this program, you can capture everything that happens on your screen, and the results will be written to a file in AVI video format. Screen2Avi also has features that allow you to take screenshots from display screens and to capture audio through a microphone or line input of a PC.Additionally, you can also ....
Date 2015-02-24 File Size 622.22 KB Download 425
UvScreenCamera is an application that allows you to make video from your monitor screen.This application makes it possible not only to record all actions performed on the computer, but also allows you to track all the changes that have been made about the image. Due to these capabilities, the program is great for creating all sorts of presentations or videos for learning, because with this program you can now ....
Date 2016-11-26 File Size 6.47 MB Download 400