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a free application, that allows you share files and folders between smartphones and computers
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SHAREit for PC computer and macOS, Android and iOS - is a free application from Lenovo company owing to which it is possible to exchange free files and folders between smartphones, tablets and PC. With SHAREit it is possible to exchange files and between various operating system: for example, with smartphone on the basis of Android on a tablet on the basis of Windows or from notebook Windows on iPad, etc.


Shareit programm on PC


SHAREit advantages

One more dignity of the program can be named its stylish and aesthetic physical appearance. To work in it is valid very conveniently and pleasantly. At the most simple interface allows to understand the program even inexperienced. Just a couple of buttons, "accept" and "send", and adjustments do work with SHAREit fast and comfortable.

For data transmission no wires are necessary — process is carried out by means of radio module Wi-Fi from your arrangement. Transmitted by SHAREit it is possible any files: a photo, video, music and even folder with files without restrictions on the size. Transfer is carried out at 40-60 time more quickly, than through Bluetooth. It can slightly be slowed down, if the size of file is very great.


Shareit interface


For the beginning data exchange needs to be connected these two arrangements. First it is necessary to connect them to one point of access, and then to start search of available arrangements. For some seconds the arrangement distinguishes surrounding models. The user will need to be sent inquiry only.


Shareit for Android OS


Devices with established ShareIT can find automatically each other within the reach.

Уou can download ShareIT for a PC computer, Android or iOS under the special direct links below on this page.

Installation file data
Category Utilities
Title SHAREit
Operating system Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS
License Free
Size 6.15 MB
Downloads 49,968
Price Free
Updated 2018-05-26

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SHAREit reviews

0 Avdeev
SHARIT, I already I have a very cool program we send all the different applications through the class if it is not all bad it would be! And so I am glad the program

2017-04-27 13:27

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0 Gryunberk
This programm is very important in nowadays. This program is often necessary for us to send and receive a file from another device.

2016-12-05 18:21

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0 Len
Really useful and free program. Works perfectly even if you have a low Internet speed, efficient traffic. Easy to install, easy to use.

2016-08-05 20:13

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