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Shotcut is a free program which is a cross-platform solution for the problems associated with the editing of video files.
If you launch Shotcut application for the first time, you will have the opportunity to take a free training course, which quickly introduces you to the basic functionality of the program. If you are already armed with skills of working with video editors, this course can be skipped. You can download Shotcut for free right now.


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Among the main features of Shotcut program, the ability to cut some fragments of images, apply various filters (eg glow, blur, saturati, white and mirror) should be mentioned. You can also customize the program to your own liking. All of these operations, you can perform in only a couple of clicks or with hotkeys.


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When you start, the toolbar may seem a bit empty, but that's because, almost all functions are simply removed from the screen by default. Entering «View» in the menu, you can connect additional modules and control panels in Shotcut program. To fine-tune video files there is «Properties» panel. With this panel, you can change the sampling rate, configure the correct codec, image quality, volume and depth of sound and much more.

For beginners such function as already available in the program "presets" will be very useful. All the necessary settings are easily changed in a special dialog box - «Settings». Video processing is immediately activated at the hardware level. 

Free download of the Shotcut, without advertising and on a high-speed, is available on our website.

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Category Video Editors
Title Shotcut
Version 15.05.06
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 126.31 MB
Downloads 476
Price Free
Updated 2015-05-21

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