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freeware toolkit for creating and editing video
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Windows Live Movie Maker is a video editor,which almost any inexperienced user can try, as it is extremely easy and convenient. Among the possibilities of WLMM is combining video clips, photos, music, and special effects, allowing you to create bright and impressive presentations in just a few steps. Download Windows Live Movie Maker free from our website.

Considered video editor should be installed using the Essentials installer package, as Windows Live Movie Maker is part of it. Before installation, note that the video editor is not intended for use in older OS than Windows 7 and Windows Vista, so the installation, for example, on Windows XP makes no sense.


Windows Live Movie Maker 1


Windows Live Movie Maker is very easy to use. All you need to do is to import the required media content (videos, photos) into the program, and then to choose background music and maybe add some information on the video's creator in the titles. If you want to further customize video, music or text, the title bar displays the appropriate buttons. You can select special effects of a large number of them: blackout, overlay (transient effects), pan, zoom effects, animation and other visual embellishments, which can make the presentation more expressive. In order to easily create a presentation, first you need to download the free Windows Live Movie Maker from our site, and then install it on your PC.


Windows Live Movie Maker 2


After the video is ready, it is possible to set any desired size, which depends on which device the video will be used. It can be a mobile device, PC, TV screen with high resolution or a client application that provides instant messaging service. Windows Live Movie Maker it is also easy to place the created presentation in any of the popular social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or SkyDrive. Perhaps the major drawback of Windows Live Movie Maker is that it stores video only in WMV format.

If the idea of creating a bright and beautiful composition of the photos and videos you want to show your friends passed through your mind, you can download the free Windows Live Movie Maker from our website.

Installation file data
Category Video Editors
Title Windows Live Movie Maker
Version 16.4.3528
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 217.39 MB
Downloads 24,504
Price Free
Updated 2016-04-06

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Windows Live Movie Maker reviews

muzaffar hashmi
-1 muzaffar hashmi
Good work Windows Live Movie Maker 16.4

2016-11-22 21:11

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Nicholas Wilson
+2 Nicholas Wilson
This is my second year I use this video editor and so far I have no complaints, it is well-proven, moreover, I make excellent videos that I make to order and my clients are always satisfied with both the quality and the performance.

2015-12-13 08:56

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0 Rita
This program is easy. It can be used by everybody, who wants to make own clip without any difficulties.

2015-09-08 14:17

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+2 Amanda
I like to make movies and this program is very easy to use and helpful for me. Moreover, it is free which is very convenient.

2015-04-29 10:23

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Annie Jackson
-1 Annie Jackson
A couple month ago I received a task. The task was simple, you know, connected some photos with music and other stuff, like subtitles. I did it in time and certainly right only because of Windows Live Movie Maker. This programme the best for people, who don't want to wasting their time with complicated things.

2015-01-04 21:29

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-1 Maria
This program is very easy to use even if you don't know anything about making a video. Just recently I wanted to make a video for my friend from our childhood photos, and with Windows Live Movie Maker it took me not more than two hours to create it, even though it was my first experience.

2014-12-10 13:57

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