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FreeOCR - a free utility to detect scanned text.
It works not only with image files on your hard drive, but with the pdf file (though rather slowly) and directly with the scanner. For scanning only the connected scanner is required.
You must have access to the Internet to install this utility because the initialized installation weighs about 150 KB, and it will download from the Internet the necessary databases and dictionaries for correct operation. In total the program occupies not more than 11 MB on the hard drive.


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Although program's interface is in English, it is simple and comprehensible. There is no “tape” menu which is standard for many programs. Instead there are large icons with the choice of the functions required. The window is divided into two halves:

  1. On the left recognized text displayed;
  2. On the right - result of the program's functioning.

If you download FreeOCR free, you should remember that as native English user interface, it is best to cope with the English text recognition. The latest version also supports: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, etc. In addition, for further automatization of the program you must manually enter recognizable language each time (you have to download additional dictionaries with languages and specify the path in the upper right corner in settings). The program also doesn’t handle well with texts which abound with a variety of mathematical and other symbols. Such texts must be checked manually.




FreeOCR's absolute advantage is the absolute lack of settings (all processes are automated) that saves you from being distracted. The received information is imported to word-document by default. On the panel there are only the most essential buttons.
As a result, we can say that the program is acknowledged to be excellent specifically as the English text recognizer.

FreeOCR can be downloaded free right here.

Installation file data
Category OCR
Title FreeOCR
Version 5.4.1
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 3.22 KB
Downloads 2,603
Price Free
Updated 2016-04-07

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FreeOCR reviews

0 Mike
Quite useful. I tried it the previous month and I was really amazed. I can not but agree that it gives only high quality texts. If I could find such a program for Linux!

2016-04-07 18:30

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0 Barbara
It's a small, usefull program. Espessially if you have a scanned text of high quality. It's a pity that the original format is not saved in the scanned text.

2016-03-24 22:02

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