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Task Coach is a simple to understand and easy to work planner, combining the functions of a personal secretary and calendar. You can make just a couple of clicks in the application to schedule a task for the coming time. To do this create a task, write a few words in the description, assign the priority and dates of start, end and implementation. One of the distinguishing features of Task Coach is the ability to sort tasks by various criteria: attributes, time and other.

Organizer can also attach files and notes to tasks. The program saves all data in XML. There is integration with such services as Outlook and Thunderbird - you can import tasks from them into Task Coach by dragging them with the mouse. Task Coach can be downloaded free, the application takes little memory and requires no activation.

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Task Coach settings are quite simple. The program automatically saves the ones you have selected in settings, so that you don't have to set parameters again. Task Manager records time that was spent on planning tasks. What you planned can be printed or transferred from HTML format to CVS. As to the merits of the program - there is an intuitive interface and a convenient arrangement of all tasks.


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You can download Task Coach application free from our web-portal and forget about inconvenient paper notes which are often lost! With the app Task Coach your affairs will always be accessible and will never be forgotten.

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Category Planners
Title Task Coach
Version 1.3.29
Operating system Windows
License Free
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Updated 2014-07-20

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I have a bad memory for events and dates so that this software is vitally necessary for me to be a well-organized person. It really makes my life simpler.

2015-08-08 23:03

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