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Data Encryption

In the computer world, data encryption programs are actively used to protect confidential information. In this section we present the most relevant free programs to encrypt your data.

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Hotspot Shield is a program which aims to provide internet security at possible connections to wireless Wi-Fi access points. This utility is in free access, so you can download Hotspot Shield free. Hotspot Shield software establishes a virtual private network (VPN) between your PC and the wireless access point, by securing the transmission of personal data over an encrypted connection, which is carefully protected ....
Date 2015-05-24 File Size 9.48 MB Download 3,647
KeePass, or KeePass Password Safe is a useful program that was developed by Dominik Reichl specifically for OS Windows. Each user who has to deal with a variety of passwords, keys and access codes, should download KeePass free, since it allows to conveniently store such information. The main feature of this program is its high level of security: for encrypting passwords in the database it uses the most reliable ....
Date 2017-01-06 File Size 1.84 MB Download 471
The idea of developing this program is taking care of those users who are especially concerned about the privacy of their own data, such as passwords, confidential information. A password can be set to any information. For example, passwords for accounts on different resources of the world wide web, passwords for access to home PC and/or your computer at work, passwords to different files and folders, archives and suchlike. In order to ....
Date 2014-08-31 File Size 5.16 MB Download 399
TrueCrypt is a program for instant information encryption of data in real time, which creates a virtual encrypted logical drives that are stored as files. Program is intended for such operating systems as: Microsoft 7 (NT 5, Vista, XP), Linyx, Mac OS X. The program is in free access and it is possible to download TrueCrypt free from the website. With the help of TrueCrypt software there is an opportunity of ....
Date 2014-06-18 File Size 2.45 MB Download 473