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This section contains the best free firewalls. Reliable firewall protects your system from external unauthorized network attacks, monitors the status of incoming and outgoing network traffic. A properly configured firewall is a "palladium" to your PC, connected to the network.

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Comodo Firewall is a powerful personal free firewall that is designed to monitor and prevent various network attacks, protection from spyware actions, Trojans. A new version of the firewall can be downloaded free here. The Comodo Firewall application analyzes suspicious activity, checks all components of running applications. A fairly large list of trusted software is integrated in a firewall, and what is not included ..
Date 2014-07-25 File Size 142 MB Download 494
Online Armor Free Firewall is a powerful software to protect against hacker attacks (firewall) for personal use, equipped with HIPS system, and many other safety features, providing security in the world wide web. To download Online Armor Free, to protect your PC easily, you can use the link that initiates the download of the program. Thanks to the protection of this firewall, you can work with network without anxiety about ....
Date 2014-07-08 File Size 28.79 MB Download 1,738
Outpost Firewall Free is software for safe work with network environment, which is freeware. It is used to protect PCs and to prevent leakage of confidential information to the network by setting special function modules that identify suspicious activity and stop them in real time. The main difference from other similar programs is the activation of protective function immediately after installation on your PC. So to protect ....
Date 2014-07-08 File Size 16.63 MB Download 425
PC Tools Firewall Plus is a free personal firewall on the company PC Tools for the operating systems Windows. Not currently available as a separate product but is included in PC Tools Internet Security. You can download PC Tools Firewall Plus free from our website. The main features include the following applications: implementation of filtering of the incoming and outgoing network ....
Date 2014-07-08 File Size 9.79 MB Download 619
Privatefirewall is an application which provides protection against hacker attacks. It functions same way as other programs running in this direction, tracking software attempts to connect to the Internet, and according to the given settings, allows programs to connect to the Internet or disables them, thereby blocking them. Privatefirewall provides multi-layered protection. This high level is achieved through the use ..
Date 2014-06-05 File Size 3.57 MB Download 377
Users who are looking for ways to protect PC from various hacker attacks and other unwanted viruses originating from a worldwide network, would be pleasantly surprised by free Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall, which can be downloaded free from our site. Its main advantage is that it takes over control of all the data, coming from other computers or network to the user's device and for those which go other direction ....
Date 2016-01-06 File Size 41.58 KB Download 400
Free version of ZoneAlarm Free firewall was originally developed by Zone Labs (before the Check Point Software Technologies company purchased it in March 2004). Effective firewall, combining its own advantages with the ease of use. It is able to filter traffic on the local and global networks, blocking hackers' attacks and other unwanted network activity. Protection of your PC is easily organized due to the amount of ....
Date 2015-08-19 File Size 3.24 MB Download 429