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powerful firewall toolkit for windows
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Online Armor Free Firewall is a powerful software to protect against hacker attacks (firewall) for personal use, equipped with HIPS system, and many other safety features, providing security in the world wide web. To download Online Armor Free, to protect your PC easily, you can use the link that initiates the download of the program. Thanks to the protection of this firewall, you can work with network without anxiety about your confidential data stored on hard drives, and be confident in the reliable execution of the operating system as a whole. The creators of Online Armor Free Security software made it absolutely free of charge - the program contains no restrictions as to the time of use, so to the number of available options. In other words, having once downloaded Online Armor Free and set it by the rules of the operating system, you can no longer worry about your network security.



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Online Armor Free Firewall provides support for all inbound and outbound connections to a PC, filtering them from malicious interference, and suppresses keyloggers activity.

HIPS function allows the user to create a list of trusted applications in interactive mode, which guarantees protection from confidential data leakage.


Online Armor Free


Key features of Online Armor Free software:

  • simple and convenient user interface, with which even beginners quickly adapt to the program;
  • advanced mode for experienced users, allows more flexible control over the defense;
  • protection from the launch of the programs which are unknown to user;
  • dispatch of Windows autorun objects without leaving the program;
  • "monitor" module management, which can warn, for example, about the attempt of the user's unauthorized changing of home pages in the browsers, installed on your system by virus programs.

You can protect your PC right now with the help of Online Armor Free Firewall. To do this, use the link, posted on our website for free download.

Installation file data
Category Firewalls
Title Online Armor Free Firewall
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 28.79 MB
Downloads 1,725
Price Free
Updated 2014-07-08

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Online Armor Free Firewall reviews

Anders 12345
0 Anders 12345
The excellent program, costs already more than year and not whatever problems were . Cookie and network attacks blocks well .

2015-10-06 14:07

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0 Adolf
It's very useful programm. Working in Internet online it will protect your PC, automatically blocking dangerous resources and sending message about this risk to user.

2015-08-19 04:50

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0 Alex
Useful and free program. Easy to install and easy to use.

2015-07-18 22:24

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This program provides all necessary protections from all sorts of malicious interference. What to wish else? I am happy, thanks.

2015-07-10 23:47

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0 John
Very good program. Doing its job. I advise everyone!;)

2014-11-11 10:32

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