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PC Tools Firewall Plus
protect your PC from intruders and malicious network traffic
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PC Tools Firewall Plus is a free personal firewall on the company PC Tools for the operating systems Windows. Not currently available as a separate product but is included in PC Tools Internet Security.

You can download PC Tools Firewall Plus free from our website.


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The main features include the following applications:

  • implementation of filtering of the incoming and outgoing network connections;
  • use of global rules for the ports and protocols that are installed for each network separately;
  • the application creates a network access rules for the already well-known programs;
  • the application creates rules for programs which have a valid digital signature;
  • PC Tools Firewall Plus control the components, as well as hidden processes and memory processes;
  • imposes restrictions on network activity for individual programs and processes, as well as separately for incoming and outgoing calls;
  • visual notifications on various events, with pop-up windows are available;
  • there is a possibility of visual display of network activity by means of the hosted icon in the notification area;
  • the application has a history log of action programs;
  • the ability to display information about network activity for each application;
  • PC Tools Firewall Plus has two modes: simple and advanced;
  • you can hide the PC from hackers;
  • minimal use of both network and system resources of a PC, which is not a barrier to the game on the PC, or to view online streaming video.


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You can download PC Tools Firewall Plus free from our website right now, using link below on the page.

Installation file data
Category Firewalls
Title PC Tools Firewall Plus
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 9.79 MB
Downloads 607
Price Free
Updated 2014-07-08

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PC Tools Firewall Plus reviews

0 Andrew
Very comfortable and useful ability to impose restrictions for any webpages and programms. You can easy block unwanted programms.

2016-07-07 13:25

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0 Adolf
If this firewall can protect me from hackers it is the best thing, what I can imagine, because all operations with money I create from my PC.

2016-04-29 18:05

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0 alex
Perfect and free solution to protect my children from negative/adult/violence content, highly recommend it to be quite for your kids

2015-05-25 08:20

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