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AVG LinkScanner 2014 download

AVG LinkScanner 2014

free tool, that protects PC in real time against internet threats
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AVG LinkScanner protects the user from Internet threats while browsing webpages. Download AVG LinkScanner free from our website using the link.

Overview of Features:

Internet as a global network of the world, is full of all kinds of malicious software modules that are just waiting for a chance to get to the user's PC. The advantage of the software product under consideration is in that it operates in real-time and doesn't leave any link without checking which world wide web surfer tends to follow. In that case, if the user tries to visit a site that was rated by AVG LinkScanner as unsafe, the protective function is activated, enclosing the user from any unpleasant consequences after visiting this address. AVG LinkScanner protects the user's PC while browsing web pages or searching through them. In order to start using the Internet resources without fear about safety, you can download AVG LinkScanner from our site.


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Basic protective features are provided by two components: 

  •   Active Surf-Shield protects the process of surfing in all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox); 
  •   AVG LinkScanner protection specializes in the search, giving safety ratings in search results, if used by default (non-secure sites are marked with red, and safe with green). 

AVG LinkScanner 2


AVG LinkScanner advantages:

  •  Cleaning safety estimations for standard search results and contextual advertising;
  •  Doesn't conflict with popular antivirus programs;
  •  Objects for analysis are the page rather than entire websites, whereby websites are never completely blocked if they contain one or more infected pages;
  •  Pages are checked only when a user tries to visit them;
  •  Installation is easy and doesn't take much time, small consumption of OS resources during operation.

If you want right now to protect yourself while surfing the worldwide web, you can download AVG LinkScanner for immediate installation on your computer.

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Title AVG LinkScanner 2014
Version 4354
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 1.41 MB
Downloads 392
Price Free
Updated 2014-06-05

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0 Adolf
This Linkscanner protect my PC from viruses for many years. The best thing for defence from threats from Internet.

2015-04-16 09:52

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