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Crystal Security
detects and removes malware that might affect your PC
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Crystal Security is a small utility, the main purpose of which is to find and delete all sorts of malicious programs, which negatively affect the functioning of the operating system of your PC.

The application has a clear, convenient and practical user interface, due to which a beginning user can easily use the program.
This application analyzes all of the software that is installed on your PC, and then divides it into black and white lists.
With these lists, you can find out about those programs whose safety must be checked.


Crystal Security


It should say that in this application , there are certain parameters that allow to enable the user to make adjustments programs "for themselves".

Crystal Security is a free application and requires no installation, and therefore can be run even with flash media that provides the user with such feature of the application as an opportunity to launch the program on virtually any PC.

You can download Crystal Security free from our website right now.


Crystal Security 2


Key features and functions of this application are:

  • the ability to detect malicious software, through the use of cloud computing technology;
  • ease of use of the program, as well as a simple interface;
  • the ability to add the installed applications, both to white and black list;
  • no need to install;
  • it is possible to set up automatic or manual update;
  • a rich variety of different options that allow to set the application as required.

You can download Crystal Security free from our website.

Installation file data
Title Crystal Security
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 1.11 MB
Downloads 360
Price Free
Updated 2017-10-28

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Crystal Security reviews

A good and simple application for supporting PC security. The division of the software installed into black and white lists seems to be very logical.

2015-08-19 23:08

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