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freeware tool that scans PC for viruses and trojans
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Dr.WEB CureIt is a great solution for users who don't use the full version of antivirus software.
This utility can also be applied when you already have software for protection against malware and hacking threats on your PC.
In this case, such as a small utility as Dr WEB CureIt can serve as an additional tool.
Dr.WEB CureIt is a utility which is distributed free and is designed for search and treatment of PCs that are managed by the operating system of Windows family.


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This utility allows you to instantly detect the presence of viruses, Trojans, "horses" and worms of absolutely different modifications.
In settings, you can specify the options you want to check,
For example, a person can select the desired section to check the hard drive, as well as the actions that will be applied to the detected viruses.
All threats which the utility detects, are distributed in the list on working area of the application. Further all threats found by the utility are carried on a special directory, where occurs the process of identifying key loggers, dialers, hacking applications, as well as other suspicious files.
It is worth saying that the use of this tool as a fully installed, is not the way out. Since Dr.WEB CureIt doesn't protect a PC in real time, in other words, when you visit different websites or when working with e-mail, as well as installing a new software program Dr.WEB CureIt cannot provide you with full protection since it can only treat and remove those programs that are already infected.
This utility has no automatic module of antivirus definitions updates, and therefore, to use the latest version for scanning, you'll need to download the utility again from the official website.


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Don't use the utility with outdated base for long, because new viruses appear every minute.
Therefore, the version with outdated databases may be unable to detect a new threat that will necessarily lead to unpleasant consequences.
By the way, Dr.WEB CureIt database update come out almost every two hours, and the utility downloaded yesterday, could be outdated today.
Dr.WEB CureIt utility needs no installation on the hard disk of the PC, and therefore, can run as from a disk so from flash storage medium, which is quite convenient while unlocking a PC infected by malware.
You can download Dr WEB CureIt free from our website right now.
Key features and functions of this application are:

  • good add-on to a full anti-virus;
  • high speed of detecting a large number of different viruses;
  • very frequent updates of virus definitions;
  • the process of scanning can be personalized;
  • the utility doesn't conflict with other antivirus software;
  • the process of extraction and removal of infected files are fast enough;
  • the utility has its own quarantine management.
  • if necessary, the utility allows automatic PC shutdown after virus testing.

You can download Dr.WEB CureIt free from our website.

Installation file data
Title Dr.WEB CureIt
Version 06.11.2017
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 145.52 MB
Downloads 1,719
Price Free
Updated 2017-11-07

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Dr.WEB CureIt reviews

0 Aaron
I have antivirus software “AVIRA”, because it is free. But I sometimes download program “DR.WEB CUREIT”, to control my further computer more thoroughly.

2015-02-11 16:18

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0 Nikolas
High-quality anti-virus, no problems working on it for a long time . Thanks to the manufacturer for the given program .

2014-10-16 10:26

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0 nickolaj
This is the best program to use it in cases where you suspect the presence of viruses on your computer.

2014-10-15 10:53

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0 nickolaj
This is the best program to use it in cases where you suspect the presence of viruses on your computer.

2014-10-15 10:51

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