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Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus

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Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus is a free antivirus program to protect against all types of viruses, malware and spyware software. On our website there is a new version of antivirus, you can download Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus free now.


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The program is easy to use, has many features. Almost automatic program setup, it gives beginners the opportunity to use the program without difficulty. Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus is regularly updated, which allows to protect your PC against new types of virus attacks. The updates are available daily, besides, there can be emergency updates due to outbreaks of viral attacks. Virus database update can be performed every hour by the user. The application interface is simple, convenient and intuitive, all of its important components become available at the touch of a button. Antivirus scanner includes a technology of new species and unknown viruses detection.


Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus


Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus scans your computer for infected files in real time. The antivirus scans e-mail and by means of new technologies is capable of stopping infected emails at the input port, so that these e-mails will not get into your inbox. Virus signatures are automatically updated. The antivirus has technical support, infected or suspicious files can be sent to the laboratory analysis, and then get them on the report.

You can download Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus free using the following the link.

Installation file data
Title Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus
Version 8.0.Q01
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 27.59 MB
Downloads 405
Price Free
Updated 2014-09-06

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Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus reviews

0 Adolf
This is old but useful antivirus programm. Using this antivirus, I forgot about spyware, dangerous webpages blocked automatically.

2015-05-22 08:21

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