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Sandbоxie is the Windows-based program that controls the safety of unknown programs, applications and provides safe Internet surfing.

Starting Sandboxie

Getting started with Sandbоxie, the program’s user runs his Internet browser or other software in a dedicated area of memory that is called the Sandbox. You can easily undo any of the changes in your operating system that happened through any virus infection during surfing. You should just remove the Sandbox and clean memory.

The work of Sandboxie stays almost invisible to a simple user. The utility is minimized into a tray and activated in one click. After you activate it, you can start your browser or another program. Sandboxie lets you to undo all unwanted modifications in your system registry, any changes in bookmarks or in your browser’s home page. It also deletes all the suspicious files that get to your hard drive during your Internet activity. It helps minimizing the consequences of viral activity.

Sandboxie main window

Sandboxie pros

  • It provides high level of security and anonymity in Internet. The program clears browser history, cache, temporary files and co-hosts;
  • It protects Internet surfing. Files downloaded to the hard drive during surfing will not bring harm to your computer or laptop;
  • Blocking suspicious attachments, it gives you mail protection;
  • The installation of new programs into the Sandbox prevents unwanted changes in your operating system.
Installation file data
Title Sandboxie
Version 5.18
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 8.56 MB
Downloads 328
Price Free
Updated 2017-05-22

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