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We offer you some free programs which are designed to save time and solve problems in the administration of windows systems family.

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CCleaner is a program for cleaning your operating system from the "garbage". The utility detects unused files and then deletes them. These files include: cookies, history of visiting web-pages, temporary Internet files, the contents of the basket, search boxes, etc. Download CCleaner you can from our website right now. After installing programs and applications, a large number of obsolete libraries, temporary extensions and ....
Date 2015-04-29 File Size 4.67 MB Download 768
Eusing Cleaner is a great free program for optimizing the operating system registry and privacy (Privacy Cleaner). Eusing Cleaner gives you the ability to find and remove unnecessary data from your system, incorrect registry entries, traces of your activities on the Internet (story visit). Also, the program can clear the history of more than 150 third-party programs. Eusing Cleaner removes activity traces of such well-known ....
Date 2014-11-08 File Size 1.47 MB Download 355
Registry Life Program (from the developers of the famous Reg Organaizer) is freeware and allows you to clean and optimize the Window registry automatically. The program can find and fix the registry errors and optimize it for better performance and stability. Registry Life is very easy to use and even a beginner will be able to use it to clean the registry and optimize Windows. System registry is a very important ....
Date 2015-02-24 File Size 16.18 MB Download 435
Registry Recycler is a program designed to detect and correct errors in the registry of Windows OS. If the operating system performance is reduced, it's often caused by incorrect operation of the registry, or when it's back up by outdated and unnecessary files and data. With Registry Recycler utility, you can easily download accelerators and improve your PC's performance without falling back upon improving your ....
Date 2014-06-05 File Size 1.23 MB Download 493
Ultimate Boot CD is a small-sized bootable recovery CD that contains the necessary programs used for recovery of the lost computer health. You will need it when the hard drive still stores the important information to which the access has become impossible due to the damaged operating system which suddenly won't load. Ultimate Boot CD package can cope with this problem. Download Ultimate Boot CD free from our site by clicking ..
Date 2014-07-20 File Size 550.73 MB Download 2,082
Windows Repair is a program designed to repair and restore the OS's parameters. It's no secret that due to various reasons, whether it is unskillful user or system errors, Windows settings may go astray, leading to the PC's inadequate operation. With the Windows Repair application, you can restore the system and return its health. The main advantage of the utility is distribution without registering: it can be downloaded free ..
Date 2017-06-08 File Size 27.6 MB Download 740
Special utility designed to safely remove trash and correct errors in the Windows registry. Once the program starts, the user immediately receives a proposal for archiving the entire registry. This procedure prevents user from errors, making it possible to restore the registry to its original state. Free download of Wise Registry Cleaner is able to speed up your OS and may even help prevent software errors, associated with ....
Date 2015-01-06 File Size 2.04 MB Download 425