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The best chance of avoiding data loss is backup. It is incredibly easy to always have a backup copy of all your important data on the optional hard disk at a time when the working hard disk has failed. Issue price is the additional disc and freeware for (backup).

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AOMEI Backupper is a simple and free application that allows you to backup and restore not only disc partitions, but the entire discs or operating systems.Through the use of the Microsoft VSS technology, this application allows you to make backup copies without having to stop working with your PC, which is an important advantage.This free program is considered a professional application for backup and information ....
Date 2014-06-05 File Size 60.11 MB Download 671
A simple freeware program for scheduling backup files and folders by moving them to a folder or drive are on the same computer or on a remote repository in the world wide web. Cobian Backup free download from our site, which is a necessary link. Cobian Backup software is a standalone application which implements the graphical user interface and configuration management, and system service.The program offers a ....
Date 2015-02-24 File Size 19 MB Download 490
Comodo BackUp is a program that allows you to back up important data on your PC. This application gives you the opportunity to apply different profiles for different types of files (documents, music, photos, etc.), thus to create the necessary data backups faster. Users of the application have the opportunity to create different types of backups, namely: full backup, incremental and synchronized. If you do not ....
Date 2014-10-20 File Size 36 MB Download 617
Everyday Auto Backup is a freeware designed to backup files automatically. In order to protect important data from accidental system failures (such as virus threats or restart operations), it is necessary to backup files regularly. Free Everyday Auto Backup program, which you can download from our site, performs this operation automatically without your intervention. Thanks to it, you can recover your data in case of ....
Date 2014-06-05 Download 280
Most likely, each of PC users at least once experienced such situation when you needed to clean your hard drive fast in order to format it or to "save" the necessary data when hard drive malfunction is detected. Quite often, in such situations, you have to create a backup. The application called FBackup will help you to attain such objective. This program is free and allows you to make a backup copy of the ....
Date 2015-06-02 File Size 53.78 MB Download 614
Macrium Reflect Free Edition is a free and fast program designed to create data backup and work with the images of the hard drives. The main difference of this application from similar programs with a free license, is the ability to create an image of the Windows OS while it is running without having to reboot the PC, as well as loading of the Linux OS or one of the simplified versions of Windows OS in order to complete ..
Date 2015-01-04 File Size 2.19 MB Download 532
WinDataReflector Free program is designed for easy synchronization of files and folders with the backup function. Before ongoing synchronization and backup, you can use the function of visual comparison of files and folders. It is possible to download WinDataReflector Free by clicking on the link provided below. Main characteristics of WinDataReflector Free: the possibility of two-way synchronization ....
Date 2016-08-04 File Size 2.58 MB Download 274
XXCLONE is easy to use program which lets you create a clone of your system volume. Users of any experience level can carry it out. This tool interface is based on a standard window and uncomplicated layout, where you can select the source and target volume from the list. XXCLONE download is free. Thanks to it, there is a possibility to backup the entire volume by copying all the files at once or by copying gradually. ..
Date 2016-09-06 File Size 4,23 MB Download 714
Yadis! Backup is an example of both simple to use and free software designed to make backup (spare) copies of important files. With Yadis! Backup you can securely store any personal information in a few minutes. Use the link on our website to download Yadis! Backup.The wizard's interface is very intuitive, so make a few steps which separate from safety of critical data, there is no trouble even for the ignorant user. ....
Date 2014-06-05 File Size 1.09 MB Download 383