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A simple freeware program for scheduling backup files and folders by moving them to a folder or drive are on the same computer or on a remote repository in the world wide web. Cobian Backup free download from our site, which is a necessary link.

Cobian Backup software is a standalone application which implements the graphical user interface and configuration management, and system service.
The program offers a very simple user interaction through an easy-to-learn graphical user interface which contains all the necessary procedures for the implementation of multilevel backing up. The user only specifies the start time, the original and final locations of the files which need backing up. If desired, backup files can be encrypted or compressed by means of using the available settings for this. After Cobian Backup free download, it is easy to start backing up your files at any time.


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Managing requirements is controlled by the system service, so that the user doesn't need to do it manually. The program is not demanding on PC performance and terms of installed RAM, all tasks on saving the backup processes are handled in the background. Cobian Backup qualitatively encodes and compresses data supporting several compression methods.


Cobian Backup


Key features:

  •  the ability to archive objects;
  •  fully supports FTP;
  •  archiving allows empty directories;
  •  interaction with the service, copying the data in the background, is possible;
  •  graphical interface is highly customizable, adapting settings according to users' requirements;
  •  start and stop of the service is improved;
  •  works without problems with the antivirus software installed system;
  •  uses file attributes in the work;
  •  FAQ is available;
  •  user interface can be presented in different languages.

To get your hands on this easy-to-use and useful program, click the link to download Cobian Backup, which can be found on our website.

Installation file data
Category Data Backup
Title Cobian Backup
Version 11
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 19 MB
Downloads 471
Price Free
Updated 2015-02-24

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