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IObit Smart Defrag
a freeware disk defragmenter program
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IObit Smart Defrag is an application that allows to defrag your hard drive to increase the performance of your PC. 
Immediately after installing the application on your PC, IObit SmartDefrag automatically starts and defrags files on the computer, in the background, not so that you'd notice. 
You can download IObit Smart Defrag free from our website.


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The main features and functions of IObit Smart Defrag include:

  • this powerful and free utility is very simple to use, you simply install it on your PC and forget about it;
  • the utility runs automatically on your PC, and the intuitive interface makes the program a perfect solution for novice users;
  • high efficiency of defragmentation. IObit Smart Defrag is based on one of the fastest engines for defragmenting the hard drive, which has been specifically designed to work with high-capacity disks;
  • IObit Smart Defrag can also be used not only for defragmenting hard drives, but also for optimizing file system, thereby simplifying it and letting the computer run more stable and with a maximum speed;
  • by continuous automatic operation in the background, IObit SmartDefrag constantly maintains files in order on your PC;
  • IObit SmartDefrag also provides safety and reliability of your hard drive, as compared with other programs, as in comparison with other defragmenter programs, it doesn't make constant analysis or defrag the disk, thus reducing battery life and damage to the hard drive. 


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The IObit Smart Defrag application uses a unique technology which allows to provide "health" for hard drives, because thanks to it, the program chooses itself how and when to defrag.

You can download IObit Smart Defrag free from our website right now.

Installation file data
Category Defragmentation
Title IObit Smart Defrag
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 9.6 B
Downloads 426
Price Free
Updated 2015-06-02

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IObit Smart Defrag reviews

I didn’t know before how to defragment the operating system on my PC. It was like Chinese to me, but this program completely changed my opinion. Recommend.

2015-08-20 23:20

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