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Gathering information about the system is a common question when nobody knows what is in the system unit. In this section, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with free programs for data collection and monitoring system.

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The development of this version resulted in such paid applications as AIDA32 and Everest.This application allows you to analyze PC configuration, as well as to give the most detailed information about the hardware and software component of the PC, namely: what devices are installed in the system - processors, motherboards, video cards, sound cards, memory modules, and suchlike; what are the ....
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The CrystalDiskInfo program displays detailed information for the user about the disk drives present in the computer system, as well as configuration of S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics system, which includes measurement of hard disk's airflow temperature and the state of its "health." Download CrystalDiskInfo free from our website. You can click on the program icon in the system tray to learn more about the temperature and the ..
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Everest Home Edition
Everest Home Edition is a wonderful program designed for deep diagnostic, testing, and the operating system add-in, which will organize the work and make the most optimal and at the same time productive, as for the software already installed in the system, so for hardware component. This program should be called the successor of the well-know, but, unfortunately, discontinued software application called AIDA32. Download ....
Date 2017-11-11 File Size 3.28 MB Download 298
HWiNFO is a free portable software that provides information about the devices installed in the system. HWiNFO also allows to measure the performance of each device and compare it with other computers. You can download HWiNFO free from our site. The first program will be certainly useful to all those who are connected with the repair of computers.Description of the main features of the
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The main purpose of the HWMonitor application is monitoring components of your PC, here refer: fans speed, CPU temperature and voltage. The program also allows you to monitor processors' sensors, a large number of different various monitoring chips, sensors which are located on the power supply units such as Gigabyte ODIN, indicators of video cards from such manufacturers as nVIDIA and ATI-based GPU, as well as from ....
Date 2015-01-04 File Size 1.07 MB Download 213
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SiSoftware Sandra Lite
SiSoftware Sandra Lite is software suite designed for searching information and diagnostics of various computer components - programs and "iron". SiSoftware Sandra Lite supports operation in the server/client mode, it is possible to analyze all computers in the local network, including the local one. Download SiSoftware Sandra Lite free from our website. Install and run SiSoftware Sandra Lite and it will show you ....
Date 2017-04-17 File Size 108.35 MB Download 474
SIW is a very powerful tool that analyzes your computer on Windows OS and gathers information on the properties and system settings, displaying all the information in an accessible form. SIW creates a report in the form of CSV, HTML, TXT and XML files after the next check, gives detailed information about the network, TCP/IP ports traffic, monitors the load of the processor and memory. Developers offer to download ....
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SoundVolumeView is a fairly simple tool that displays information about the active components of the sound on your PC, so you can get full information about the level of sound, and also provides the ability to quickly and easily disable audio components of your PC. This application also allows the user to save the profile settings in a separate file, which will include the current volume settings, as well as devices ....
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Speccy is a specialized tool from the Piriform company. Its purpose is to collect and provide the user with detailed information about the installed OS. The utility will also tell in detail what equipment is installed on your PC (hardware): RAM, CPU, audio and graphics devices, winchester disks. To download Speccy from Piriform, please, use the link on our website.What can be said about Speccy? The utility is a ....
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System Monitor II
System Monitor II is a system gadget for Windows 7, which shows a short overview of the system, bringing all the information on your desktop. Data from the System Monitor II will be available only from the Windows desktop, as this is gadget and not a normal program. System Monitor II 17.3 displays information about the memory usage of the system, its total volume, usability and the amount of free and used memory. In ....
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